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Courtland Sutton Scouting Report

"His short area quickness is special for a WR of his size but he tended to show it more in yac situations than separating from defenders."

SMU Athletics



Sudden mover for a big WR with good short area quickness. A threat after the catch in space. Solid, mean blocker. Enormous catch radius and can pluck the ball up, over and around defenders. Plays physical and will bully defenders for space. Smart, mature and coachable.



Inconsistent catching in traffic and using his frame to box out. Doesn't have a 2nd gear. Tends to disappear for stretches. Doesn't demonstrate the same short area quickness in his routes as after the catch and struggles to separate.



Sutton has look and athletic ability of an Alshon Jeffrey or Kelvin Benjamin and the demeanor of a Jordan Matthews but didn't regularly produce and play to his ability at SMU. He was dominant for stretches but also failed to separate and disappeared for good stretches.

His short area quickness is special for a WR of his size but he showed it more in yac situations and bubble screens than separating from defenders. And despite his size he wasn't always a beast on 50/50 balls or boxing out. That said, the physical tools are there and he's a worker, as evidenced in his blocking.

NFL Comp: quicker Devin Funchess

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