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Tyrell Crosby Scouting Report

"Heavy hander that abused opponents and relishes physically dominating guys but doesn't have the foot quickness to hang at OT."



Heavy hander that's hyper aggressive and punishes defenders but likely doesn't have the foot quickness to hang at OT. Keeps his feet moving and drives well. Potential to be a dominating run blocker. Experienced on the right and left side.



Catch and grabber that doesn't use his length consistently. Liability as pass protector on the outside. Injuries including broken foot derailed his junior year.



Crosby abused opponents and clearly relishes physically dominating guys. He's got a strong motor and keeps coming after guys. College LT but projects to OG as a pro and carries a high upside.

He's not particularly big but plays bigger. Crosby looks like a blue chip interior guy if he transitions smoothly from playing OT.

NFL Comp: smaller Kelechi Osemele

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