Anthony Miller Scouting Report

"He's physical, exceptional quick, hyper competitive and has great ball skills."


Instant accelerator that changes direction in a blink and has the strong hands to catch in a crowd. Runs like a scat RB after the catch but with deceiving strength. Rapid fire feet. Explosive in and out of breaks. Intense competitor that hypes up teammates, coaches and fans. Physical blocker despite his smaller size.


Small frame and lacks a 2nd gear. Limited route tree experience. Older than the average prospect. Too many concentration lapse drops looking to run. Ball security needs to improve.


Miller came into the combine a little bigger than I expected at just over 5’11 and 200. He's physical, exceptional quick, hyper competitive and has great ball skills. He's adept on 50/50 balls and can be a threat after the catch.

Overall speed is one of his few weaknesses. A bubble screen king at Memphis, he was basically an outlet RB in a lot of games. He'll need to expand his route tree but his foot quickness and cod suggest he could be a strong route runner.

NFL Comp: Jarvis Landry


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