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Akrum Wadley Scouting Report

"A skinny, angry runner with elite lateral quickness and game breaking ability that puts the ball on the ground too often."

Brian Spurlock USA Today Sports



Game breaking burst and decent speed. Elite lateral quickness and breaks ankles in short spaces. Wiry strong and makes a lot more yards after contact than he should. Very good receiver out the backfield. Battles as a blocker. Strings moves together in the open field. High character on and off the field.



Especially small thin frame and gets swallowed up in a crowd. Runs hard but he's not pushing any piles. Not a blazer and more quick than fast. Puts the ball on the ground too often.



Wadley's an angry, skinny runner with elite lateral quickness. While he breaks tackles for such a little runner he's still just about 5’10 185 playing weight at Iowa and gets overpowered inside and out. But he was a game breaking player for Iowa in the run and pass game and could be the same as a pro to a lesser degree provided he improves his ball security.

NFL Comp: skinny Shane Vereen

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