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Josh Rosen Scouting Report

"The only reason he's not #1 across all team's boards is likely the question of his durability."



Clean footwork and pocket movement. Former tennis player and it shows. Deliberate, efficient mover inside the pocket. Quick release with a strong arm. Good velocity and his arm talent jumps out.

Accurate to all levels. Good touch and throws a great fade in the red zone. Versed in a pro style scheme and regularly makes full field reads. Smart with a high football IQ and charismatic.

Rosen shows remarkable poise in this clip recovering from a bad snap and and firing an out to the sideline.

Impressive arm talent in the clip above as he fires a strike back across the middle after rolling out to his right, hitting his guy in stride.



Missed time with various injuries and has a slim frame with just adequate foot quickness and overall mobility. Questionable decision making at times on the field but durability is likely his biggest knock. Intangibles are questioned because he's quirky, affluent and outspoken. Described by some as a know it all.

Rosen's inconsistent when it comes to off platform throws. At times, his mobility appears like a liability, such as in the three clips above. In each, pass pressure either kills the play or leads to a turnover.

But in the clip below, in a high pressure situation down by a TD late in OT, he moves easily in the pocket and delivers a big time strike that was dropped. And his combine testing showed a decent athlete..tied for the 4th best vert among QBs and a respectable 7.09 3 cone.



Rosen has a great arm, practiced footwork, and appears like a smart, charismatic guy. His drop backs are deliberate though and will likely have to speed up as a pro. He may not possess typical alpha qualities but he's not necessarily a problem child either. I think he genuinely loves the game and has the inner drive to put in the work.

He's the best passer in this class...not necessarily the best QB, but the best passer. There's no denying his pro traits, he already looks like an NFL passer…. key to how good he'll be as a pro will be reliability and how good of a game manager he'll be.

The only reason he's not #1 across all teams boards is likely the question of his durability. He's had surgery on his shoulder, a couple of concussions, and minor nagging injuries. And I'll wager most teams aren't figuring Rosen as a guy to be careless concerning head injuries. His durability will remain in question until he proves otherwise.

NFL Comp: injury prone Eli Manning

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