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College Week 11 Standouts

RB Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma

Anderson debuted in the TD rankings a couple weeks back at #10 out of 25. Despite sharing snaps I thought his size/speed plus vision was special.

But he exploded onto the national scene vs TCU with 151yds on the ground, 139 thru the air and 4 TDs. Only a RSSoph but he's one of the most talented RBs in the nation.

DE Zach Allen, Boston College

I caught up with Allen's tape this week and was real impressed with him vs NC State. He's an NFL caliber athletic 5 tech type with a motor. He overwhelms and finishes consistently. Here he discards solid LT T.J. Jones pretty quickly. And here he stacks and sheds beautifully to get at the RB.

I'm still particularly high on his teammate Landry, but Allen isn't very far behind. If he tests as well as he looks on tape, his stock will soar.

QB Sam Darnold, USC

Darnold's had an inconsistent year given the hype. His numbers were expected to drop some but he's turning the ball over much more than anyone thought.

He's still shown an NFL arm with accuracy, mobility, improvisation and grit. But he's also looked liked an inexperienced guy inside the pocket and running thru his progressions. Vs Colorado last week represented a bounce back for him and might have been his best game of the year.

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