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Jarrad Davis Scouting Report

"Big heart guy and a leader of men that's undersized in the middle and doesn't look like a blazer."



Passionate player and leader of men. Great motor. Quick recognition of run/pass. Aggressive tackler and goes sideline to sideline. Shock in his hands on contact and can re-accommodate offensive lineman. Adept in pass coverage with good fluidity in space. Good blitzer who anticipates the snap well. Versatility is a strength.



Slightly undersized and doesn't look like a blazer despite good timed speed. Gets there but too often slips off tackles. History of minor injuries.



Davis was the unquestioned emotional leader of a talented Gator defense. I'm a big fan of guys with forever motors and big hearts. Davis is as much an impressive man as football player. He's fast, physical and smart. And a high volume tackler who can cover and run. I've got him as the #1 ILB in this class. I think he’ll be a team's leading tackler for years.

Pro Comparison: slower Ray Lewis


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