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Dorian Johnson Scouting Report

"Athletic interior run blocker that looks and plays like a bulked up full back but lacks sand can struggle to sustain"

Jeff Ahearn Pitt News



Athletic and a finisher. Fires out if his stance and gets to the second level in a blink. Drives his feet and can generate push. Re-anchors effectively. Has the feet to mirror.



Doesn't sustain. Undersized and let's guys into his chest and control him. Could use more sand. Much better moving linear than laterally.



Johnson is an especially athletic interior run blocker. He looks and plays like a bulked up full back. Plays with necessary meanness and looks to finish.

He's strong and can anchor inside but he doesn't latch on and allows guy to shed him. Looks undersized and plays like it. Battles but can get ragdolled when guys get a hold of him.

Pro Comparison: Trai Turner


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