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Zach Cunningham Scouting Report

"Wiry, a to b, burst guy with shock in his hands but lacks recognition in coverage"

Scott Cunningham Getty



Angular tough player with top shelf burst from a to b. Quick to avoid blocks but also has more shock in his hands than wiry frame leads on.

Sheds quickly. Doesn't lack for toughness. Impressive closing speed. Finds a way thru trash. Good tackler who's the first to arrive to the ball.



Poor recognition in coverage. Has the tools but needs more polish. Not afraid to take on blocks but often seeks to avoid unnecessarily. Angular and has some difficulty with quickness in tight spaces.



Cunningham's a slower Ryan Shazier. He's got a wiry strong frame with great quickness and closing burst. Great tackler who flies to the ball and gets his guy on the ground. He's a false stepper at times and avoids blocks more often then he needs to but he finds his way to the ball.

Flashes ability to turn and run in coverage but isn't comfortable there yet. I think he's a 1st round talent that might fall further because of a deep class and be a great value pick in the 2nd.

Pro Comparison: slower Ryan Shazier


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