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Jalen "Teez" Tabor Scouting Report

"One of the quickest to click and close in the draft but isn't a fan of tackling and put up awful test numbers."



Tabor has one of the quickest click and close of anyone in this draft. Great ball skills..If it's up for grabs, he's coming down with it. Attacks the ball in the air. Makes up for missteps with elite burst.



Not a fan of tackling. Anticipates and appears to freelance a bit. Creates turnovers but also gives up chunk plays. Quicker than fast type.

Awful test numbers at the combine and pro day have likely significantly impacted his stock.



Tabor plays a lot like Marcus Peters or Josh Norman. He's got the skill set to cover anyone and isn't always reliable, but makes up for it by being a playmaker. He's a business decision tackler but relishes taking easy shots on opponents.

Appears to have decent field speed despite testing poorly but will struggle to carry great deep speed. A liability as a tackler at this point and must prove he can bring a man down when he has to.

Pro Comparison: Asante Samuel


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