TD Josh Jones Scouting Notes

Josh Jones


Reliable last line defender who'll track and tackle. Fast with prototype size and athleticism. Experienced playing single high, in the box and covering the slot. Solid on ball production over his career. Relishes the collisions.


Drag down tackler who too often gives up those hidden extra yards on tackles. Overruns plays and is a leaky tackler firing downhill. Lines them up but doesn't always make solid contact. Not hard to block out of the play. Linear fast but doesn't play quite as fast as he tested.


Jones is similar to UConn's Melifonwu. Prototype size, solid production and eye popping testing but not as impressive an actual football player. He's occasionally a weak, leaky tackler. That said, he does get all over the field, makes plays on the ball and regularly chases his man down. I think he's a decent prospect but will get drafted higher than he ought to because of his workouts.

Pro Comparison: Aaron Williams