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Jalen Reeves-Maybin Scouting Report

"Awareness, anticipation and toughness overcomes his stature but shoulder surgery sidelined him senior year and tanked his draft stock."

Robin Rudd Times Free Press



Tough and has good awareness and anticipation. Quick and aggressive to the ball when he reads it. Effective blitzer and can drop & cover in space. Occasionally covered the slot.

Long arms and flashes shock in his hands despite size. Team leader and a grinder that puts in the extra work during the week and in the film room.



Doesn't consistently breakdown in space and misses open field tackles. Light and gets thrown around if he doesn't get his hands on you.

Quicker than fast guy. Shoulder injury and surgery sidelined him senior year and has affected his draft stock.



Reeves-Maybin is small but he's physical and willing to take on blocks. Quickness and smarts overcomes his stature. He's something like a slower but more physical Shaq Thompson or a slightly longer Sean Spence.

His shoulder surgery has dropped him down the boards but if he's healthy he should become a steal.

Pro Comparison: longer Sean Spence


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