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Dan Feeney Scouting Report

"Rock solid interior player that drives well and consistently generates push but is limited athletically and a bit of a linear athlete."



Powerful, athletic and versatile. Shows some speed in space. Drives and consistently generates push. A finisher that tries to sports center opponents. Shows a good punch and strong hands. Brawler that generally wins.



Doesn't possess the quickest feet and is more if a linear athlete. Doesn't always win the leverage battle and can struggle to anchor at times. Was a liability in pass protection when playing out at OT.



Feeney is a rock solid interior player. Strong upper body, gets push inside, and is impressively​ mobile in the open field. His technique isn't all that consistent atm but he's still a blue chip guy that projects to OG or OC. I think he’s a plug and play guy that should come off the board early in this thin class.

Pro Comparison: Matt Slauson


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