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Forrest Lamp Scouting Report

"Athletic, easy mover that mirrors well but lacks the length and feet of a true LT."



Mirrors with balance and strength. Sustains blocks well. Athletic and is an easy mover in space. Drives feet and gets a solid push. Suitable punch and locks on well. Anchors effectively and handles power. Adequate arm length and big hands.



Solid feet at OT but not top tier and can lose to speed inside and out. Length is lacking and looks like an interior player.



Lamp is a steady, powerful guy with good feet. Almost boring. Considered an OG because of his lack of ideal measurables but he held his own at LT against the power of Jon Allen and the speed of Arden Key over the past 2 seasons. Best fit is OG but I think he could easily hold up at LT as a pro.

Pro Comparison: Justin Pugh


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