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Evan Engram Scouting Report

"A more physical and clutch Niles Paul. That said, he brings too many concentration lapses and is a bit of a one speed runner."



A TE sized speed WR. Good cod and speed off the line and in his routes. Quick and elusive in the open field. Good hands and can make the contested catch. Fearless in traffic. More than just a willing blocker and is effective in tight spaces and on the move. Clutch guy that makes the key catches.



Inconsistent catcher with too many concentration lapses. Rounds his routes. He could shift gears better; a little bit of a one speed runner.



Engram had nearly as dominant a senior week as O.J. Howard then blazed at the combine. He's basically a big, fast WR that blocks and will likely get bigger. He's like a more physical and clutch Niles Paul. He'll make an offense better and more dynamic day 1. He's what Dustin Keller could have been.

Pro Comparison: Dustin Keller



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