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Donnel Pumphrey Scouting Report

"Pint sized RB at 176lbs shouldn't be as physical and sturdy as he is."



Special vision, burst and lateral ability. Extremely elusive and tough. Shows patience and speed. Runs with lean when necessary and is a sturdy pint sized guy. Breaks tackles with wiry power and determination. Feet don't stop.

Terrific motor and was a workhorse at 169lbs. Good receiver out the backfield and in the slot. turns catches in the flat into punt returns.



He's a smurf and the Aztecs run blocking was superb.



Pumphrey's an enigma. A pint sized RB shouldn't be as physical and sturdy as he is. He's getting overlooked because of his size and a deep RB class but he's got a Darren Sproles, Charlie Garner, Ahmad Bradshaw vibe to him. But even those backs were bigger than 176 lbs coming out of school.

If he continues to get bigger/stronger without losing quickness he's another one of those three. If not he's Dexter McCluster.

Pro comparison: Dion Lewis


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