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Reuben Foster Scouting Report

"Impacter who can run and cover and had great film this past year but character and medical concerns are swirling."

Roderick Mason



Forceful impacter who can run and cover. Flashes shock in his hands. Shoots downhill in a flash. Has the feet and cod to cover. Gets to the ball with animosity and generally gets his man down. Terrific motor. On field leader and motivator.



Looks to collide rather than wrap. Aggressively flies around but can be out of control and reckless. Weight fluctuated between soph and junior years.

Played behind the most dominant front 4 in college and always had the table set for him. Carries some injury concerns after recent shoulder surgery and previous concussions. Character concerns erupted at the combine.



Devastating hitter, fills gaps with abandon and has shown he can cover. Dropped weight this past season and became extra explosive, but I find it hard to get a good read on a guy playing behind the most dominant DL in the country.

Great film this past year but character and medical concerns are swirling. Exciting player but reliability might be an issue for him long term.

Pro Comparison: Kevin Burnett


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