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Solomon Thomas Scouting Report

"Explosive upfield penetrator with hands and a good run defender despite his size. Drawbacks are that he's a tweener and a one year wonder."



Consistently explosive up field penetrator with good technique and hands. Sheds quickly. Big time motor and chases sideline to sideline. Great cod and can drop in space. Aced every combine drill and even looked comfortable in space at OLB.

Good run defender despite size. Versatility to play both inside and out. Clutch performer who comes to play in big games. Carries a Suh personality; low key off the field and a big time aggressor on it.



Occasionally overwhelmed playing inside because of his size. Fatigue is factor and he can be escorted backward inside against the double team. There are concerns he’s not dynamic enough stick on the edge and not bulky enough to stick inside. One year wonder.



The #1 prospect in this class to me. Elite athlete, great motor, and he's technique sound with strength.

Near the end of the college season I'd been looking again at Thomas' tape vs Jonathan Allen's and I came to the conclusion that I like Thomas better. The biggest difference is that Thomas has better initial quickness.

They're both suitably strong to play inside. Thomas can lock out and shed. Allen has stronger hands but without the same quickness as Thomas, it kind of nullifies it. Nearly every stand out interior defensive player has top notch initial quickness.

The biggest concern I’ve heard about Thomas is that he’s a tweener. I think it’s basically overblown..he’s a couple pizza’s away from 285. Adding bulk shouldn’t be a problem. I'd prefer to play him inside primarily in the mold of Aaron Donald.

Michael Bennett is a common comp and it’s possible Thomas will fit that role but Bennett was purely an edge DE at A&M and has steadily gotten bigger and stronger. Larger/stronger for Thomas dictates playing inside.

Pro Comparison: Aaron Donald lite

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