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D'Onta Foreman Scouting Report

"Size/speed back with an efficient running style but lacks lateral ability, benefited from strong run blocking upfront and is a one year wonder."



Good vision and efficiency to the hole and the 2nd level. Utilizes great body lean and usually falls forward. Forces business decisions at the 2nd level with his size and breakaway speed.

Good balance with relatively quick feet for a big back. Impressed with catching ability at his pro day.



Lateral ability is less than ordinary. Was a workhorse but had ball security issues. A one year wonder that benefited from strong run blocking upfront.



Foreman is a size/speed back with an efficient running style and good vision. He shows decent feet but his lateral ability and cod isn't great. His OL opened canyons for him last season and he was often 5-6 yards downfield before first contact.

He dropped weight Le'veon Bell style at his pro day and showed improved speed and agility but I'm still skeptical he has enough wiggle to be anywhere near as good a producer as a pro as college player.

Pro Comparison: Jonathan Dwyer


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