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Zay Jones Scouting Report

"Acrobatic with great hands, foot quickness and length. Brings a passion for the big stage. But he's ot a deep threat and play speed is just adequate."

Sean Rayford AP



He's not particularly powerful but he really gets after it blocking... his awareness and effort sticks out. His overall game is great hands, foot quickness and length. He's officially 617 202 but he uses every inch.

Body control/balance is outstanding. He's acrobatic with a big catch radius. Quick choppy feet in and out of routes and off the line. Rewrote the record books for catches. Career and single season FBS leader. He's a motivator.

Blessed with a football family, his passion for the big stage is evident. He looks like he could bring a Joe Horn, Donald Driver vibe to a team.



Not a deep threat. Foot quickness is good but his overall play speed is just adequate. Play strength also looks only adequate. Not an explosive playmaking yac guy.

He dominated competition senior week as a route runner but I feel like there's wasted motion in his game tape coming off the line and getting into his routes. I'd prefer more subtlety and smoothness, than choppy flashiness.



When I first started looking at Jones he didn't exactly impress. I saw a mediocre college star WR. @Brian Robiskie. But at the senior week practices...he looked like a different WR to me.

He consistently beat guys with great suddenness, length and hands. And he was consistent. He carried it through all week and into the game. So it forced me to go back and look closer at his games.

He's got some Jordan Matthews to him but he's smaller and a much more consistent catcher. I feel like this is the kind of guy that you need to win ball games even though he's not a superstar type. He's in the mold of a NE receiver or Manning's Colts receivers. I'd take him as high as the 2nd round.

Pro Comparison: Joe Horn.


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