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Des Lawrence Scouting Report

"Beats up opponents in press and stalks the run but has choppy mobility and struggles to hang with top speed."



Experienced physical DB with strong ball skills and good short area quickness. Safety mentality who beats up opponents in press and stalks the run. Consistent on ball production the last two seasons. Good tackler that can intimidate.



Lacks long speed and struggles to hang with top speed. A little angular/choppy and loses space in his transitions. Zero picks as a senior and only 3 in his career.



Lawrence is overlooked in a deep class. He's been a consistent physical playmaker on the outside for UNC that plays up to the challenge. His speed isn't ideal but he's quick and can make up for it with good technique. He'll be a mid round guy that contributes more than expected.

UNC Pro Day official particulars:

5117 187

4.53 40yd

32 vert

20 reps

Pro Comparison: Logan Ryan


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