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Christian McCaffrey Scouting Report

"The most talented runner in this class, carries a slight build and has an upright running style but it shouldn't prevent him from becoming one of the league's best RBs."



Explosive playmaker anywhere on the field with the ball in his hands. Elite cod and patience. Good burst, long speed and vision. Excellent hands and an experienced route runner.

Impressive balance and flashes ability to break more tackles than a guy his size should. High character guy who’s been primed to be a professional since he was young.



Slight build and has an upright running style. Often too patient of a runner and doesn’t always switch gears quickly enough. Not a bruiser and can get held up by arm and ankle tackles.



McCaffrey is the most talented runner in this class. He's adept at using patience, lateral quickness, vision and burst to get the most out of his carries. His running style is the most similar to the elite RBs in the league right now like LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, LeSean McCoy. The issue is that he's slight. It'll knock his stock but I don't think it'll prevent him from becoming one of the league's best RBs.

I don't think McCaffrey's going to be a complimentary back. I think he's going to be a lead guy eventually. He's not as big right now as you'd like, but he'll get bigger. Most will cringe, but I think he's got some Marshall Faulk to him. At least as good as a Devonta Freeman. Anyone that breaks a Barry Sanders college record (all purpose yards-single season) is likely going to be a great player.

Of course, breaking college records is no guarantee for success. But demolishing a record held since 88' is noteworthy. Here’s the college all time single season yards from scrimmage list..

1. Kevin Smith 07'

2. Melvin Gordon 14'

3. Barry Sanders 88'

4. Marcus Allen 81'

5. Christian McCaffrey 15'

6. Larry Johnson 02'

7. Matt Forte 07'

8. Ricky Williams 98'

9. Donnell Pomphrey 16'

10. Jay Ajayi 14'

That's pretty good company. And solid odds of success for a stand alone stat.

Pro Comparison: Warrick Dunn


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