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Brad Kaaya Scouting Report

"Stationary college game manager with experience and character but employs a deliberate playing style in every facet, from his drop to delivery."



Smart progression reader. Adequate arm strength. Good footwork and plenty of experience in a pro style scheme. Has the mobility to tuck and run. High character guy with resiliency.



Accuracy is inconsistent and he takes sacks despite adequate mobility. Completely neutralized by pass pressure.

Arm strength just adequate but his velocity is inconsistent and he'll leave his WR out to dry with floaters or inaccurate balls.



He's Ricky Stanzi to me. Good game manager and I think he can threaten all levels. But his WTH throws are frequent and everything is very deliberate with him. From his drop to delivery.

He's basically a stationary college game manager. Not too many of those do much of anything. All that said, he is a grinder with character. I feel like his ceiling would be to stick as a back up and possibly improve ..à la a Brian Hoyer.

Pro Comparison: Ricky Stanzi


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