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Amba Etta Tawo Scouting Report

"Good length and get off with ball skills but is a one year wonder with inconsistencies."

Nick Wass, AP



Quick off the line and gets to top speed in a blink. Good length and solid size. Good ball skills and can pluck the ball in traffic. Smooth quick mover in his routes. Appears to be a good character guy.



A one year wonder after 2 nondescript years at Maryland. Not particularly physical off the line and can get pressed.

Some stiffness in and out of his breaks and ran a limited route tree. Hands are inconsistent and let him down senior week.



I love his get off. He gets on top of guys very quickly and he's got the ball skills to go get it. And I think he's got enough quickness to eventually get in and out of his routes well enough to offer a change up.

He killed UConn’s Jamar Summers last season and played well against some very good secondaries. I’m also a fan of the character and where his head's at. He’s a streaky guy but I think he’ll offer a consistent downfield threat at the very least.

Pro Comparison: Torrey Smith


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