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Deshaun Watson Scouting Report

"Athletic, dual threat, spread guy that shows quick balanced footwork, mechanics and a solid arm but is often a one read thrower who gets fooled and commits unforced turnovers."



Solid arm with good mechanics. Spread guy but shows quick balanced footwork to transition effectively. Fairly accurate overall and throws a pretty deep ball.

A threat as a scrambler and runner with burst, quickness and toughness. Has a clutch gene. Great leader and character guy who played a key role in big victories.



One read thrower who gets fooled and commits unforced turnovers. A lot of predetermined throws. Accuracy wanes the longer he's in the pocket. Physical mentality as a runner and takes crushing hits on the move..



Watson is the type of prospect where you love the guy but lukewarm on the tape. He’s shown every trait you want in a franchise QB except processing things rapidly on the field. ...Kind of important.

If he can transition effectively to making full read progressions and reading more complex defenses, he’s easily a long term franchise QB. He's similar to a poor man's Cam Newton or a better RG3.

I think he grades as a 2nd or even 3rd round prospect but some teams may bank on his character, work ethic, and athletic ability propelling him into solid starting QB and take him earlier.

Pro Comparison: durable, un-entitled Robert Griffin

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