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Jerod Evans Scouting Report

"One year wonder with a solid arm, great size and physical running ability but just a one year starter in a simplified spread scheme."



He's got a solid arm, great size at 6’3 232 and physical running ability. Out of the spread he showed quick decision making and accuracy. He's poised in the pocket; he'll calmly hang in and wait for a route to pay off. He's resilient.



The primary knock is inexperience. Just a one year starter in a spread scheme. Ball security should be better even though he did have a lot of touches.



Evans is a one year wonder after transferring from junior college. He was one of the best dual threat QBs in the nation.

The Texas native set passing records in his one season for the Hokies and for total yards in a season. He took the opportunity to declare rather than build on his big season, catching most evaluators off guard.

Evans isn't that much different than Dak Prescott at the same point as a junior. His motive to declare might say a lot about where he's headed as a pro. His play style reminds me of a poor man's Cam Newton.

Pro Comparison: poor man's Cam Newton

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