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Chad Kelly Scouting Report

"Big league arm and can make all the throws and threaten on the bootleg with his feet, but plays reckless on and off the field and brings clear red flags with him"



Big league arm. Makes all the throws with accuracy and will fit it into tight windows. Very good mobility and can rip off chunk plays out of the backfield. Fiery competitor who turns up his teammates.



Reckless with the ball and throws interceptions. Often doesn’t see ahead, locks onto targets and makes predetermined throws. Good linear runner but not as good a scrambler and will take sacks.

But, no doubt, his biggest issue is the character concern. Has had significant character incidents and has yet to show any of it is behind him. He brings a dreaded Manziel vibe in this regard and many teams won’t have him on the board.



Character aside, and that might be a big aside…he's got impressive physical tools. I've seen many Rex Grossman comps for him but he's a much better runner and scrambler than Rexy.

I see some Matt Stafford there. I think a coach like Andy Reid, Arians or Payton could make him a productive starter. Closest comp I see is a like a red flag Ryan Tannehill.

Pro Comparison: a red flag Ryan Tannehill


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