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Mitchell Trubisky Scouting Report

"Athlete playing QB that could get a lot better with experience but reminds me of something between a stronger armed Andy Dalton, and a Mark Sanchez."



Accurate, strong thrower who can consistently hit his spot. Limited drop backs but he's a coordinated mover with good feet and mobility. A running threat. Flashes the ability to work through progressions. Showed some clutch capabilities. Able to stand in under a collapsing pocket and hit his mark. Showed a lot of promise for a first year starter.



Often mechanical and his offense didn't require him to make many reads. Awareness of game situations often lacking. Late with his eyes and reads. One year wonder after declaring with just 13 starts to his college career. Informed teams he should be called Mitchell instead of Mitch. *Fail sound effect.



First take, Trubisky looked to me like an athlete playing QB. But I thought the same of Dak Prescott when I first saw him. Mississippi State Prescott kept throwing and throwing and eventually started looking like a more natural QB. I think Trubisky could do the same but he needs experience.

Trubisky had one good year..not a great year. And no QB with as few starts has ever been taken in the first round. He threw the ball a lot in that one year, but it's not enough to make a sound projection of him going forward. His offense also had plenty of other playmakers, further complicating his projection.

His style reminds me of a stronger armed Andy Dalton, but his lack of experience reminds me of Mark Sanchez. He's a 2nd round caliber developmental prospect with a great physical skill set, leading man looks and a competitive drive. And had the best season of this QB class and so will likely be taken higher.

Pro Comparison: between an Andy Dalton & a Mark Sanchez


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