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Len Fournette Scouting Report

"After dominating and looking like an NFL all pro playing against college players as a sophmore, Fournette came down to Earth as a junior, dealing with a nagging ankle, and setting his sights on his NFL future early in his final season."



Rare size/speed prospect. Carries defenders and consistently falls forward. Flat runs over then away from a lot of defenders. Has subtle lateral ability and flashes the ability to shift gears. Can exploit a crease and hit a homerun. Underrated receiving skills. Adequate blocker.



Vision and patience are often lacking. Logged a lot of work in 3 seasons. Not much experience as a pass receiver.

Nagging injury suffered before the season never went away. Reports alleged that he mentally checked out early in the season. Combine vert was alarmingly low for a RB.



Fournette’s basically what Willis McGahee was supposed to be. But while he has the highest upside of any RB in this class, he may not be the most talented. His physical traits are probably the best but his vision, feet, and patience aren't elite.

I think his style is similar to Ricky Williams. Basically a fast bulldozer, but not great at creating space or making a guy miss like some of the best backs in the league right now. Although a squatty Ricky consistently ran with great body lean where Fournette often runs upright, though he does show the ability to lean when necessary.

Size/speed backs with Fournette’s style haven’t led the league in rushing in more than a decade. For him to realize his upside his game must become more versatile.

Pro Comparison: Ricky Williams

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