TD's 2019 Mock Draft

One of the most unpredictable lead ups to the NFL Draft wraps up tonight. Kingsbury & Keim are about to call and either make some unprecedented history with back to back top 10 QB picks or keep it conventional. Let me pray on it.... 1. Cardinals - Kyler Murray, QB Murray's a better and more exciting prospect than Rosen and has various connections with the current team. It's unique but the circumstances are right for this to happen. The Chargers step up in this scenario and offer a 19' 2nd and a 20' 4th for Rosen. NFL Comp: gun-slinging Tyrod Taylor 2. Niners - Nick Bosa, DE With Thomas' intriguing late season play inside, the Niners could look for yet another edge candidate. Bosa's versatile

N'Keal Harry Scouting Report

"Powerful, sudden guy with great hands and clutch ability. Deceptive speed and agility consistently catch defenders off guard." Strengths: Size, strength WR with great hands and a deceptive runner that can shift gears. Creates separation with good lateral quickness and length. Impressive runner in the open field with vision and elusiveness. Experienced and dangerous returner. Devastating blocker when he wants to be. Clutch catcher that can make the spectacular grab in a pressure situation. Mature, high character guy that will set the tone on and off the field. Weaknesses: Lacks great explosiveness and top end speed. Raw route runner. Built like an HB, Harry still has foot quickness and short

Vosean Joseph Scouting Profile

"Undersized and underpowered LB with CB speed and a strong motor that's a project and not likely ready to contribute a lot right away." Strengths: Undersized LB with CB speed and a strong motor. Can carry TEs, RBs and even some WRs in coverage. Plays with leverage. Aggressive and seeks contact. Works through trash and tracks the ball. First step quickness and change of direction. Weaknesses: Undersized and underpowered. On the ground a lot. Blows assignments. Aggressive hitter but lacks sand in his pants. Overall: Joseph's an athletic project with a ton of upside. Arguably one of the quickest LB in this class but he's safety sized and not likely ready for a significant role for awhile. Possi

Gardner Minshew Scouting Report

"The best in this class at going through multiple reads and can be a clutch playmaker but falls off his throws under interior pressure." Strengths: Accurate passer that anticipates. Progression reader that hangs in the pocket, looks off defenders and sees the field well. Solid footwork and mechanics. Quick release and can alter arm angles. Changes up velocity and can fit it into tight windows. Quick feet and buys time in the pocket. Adept scrambler that teams have to account for. Flashes playmaking ability on the run. Clutch gene. Charismatic alpha that won't ever make it boring in the facility. Weaknesses: Sails throws off his back foot under pressure in the pocket. Inconsistent velocity an

Josh Jacobs Scouting Report

"Lateral accelerator that's violent and elusive. Has an Emmit Smith-esque run style but he didn't get much work at Alabama and he needs to prove he can be that workhorse." Strengths: Explosive out of his cuts with good vision. Can accelerate while changing directions. Elite lateral agility. Difficult for a tackler to line up in space. Controlled aggressive runner, will drop hips, deliver blows and run over and through trash. Drives feet and pushes piles. Solid blocker with awareness. Experienced receiver with soft hands. Upstanding character and an engaging guy on and off the field. Weaknesses: Contact balance isn't special. Show string tackles bring him down. Just adequate ball security. Br

Hakeem Butler Scouting Report

"Obscene catch radius, quick feet, acrobatic catches and a threat after the catch. ..he just doesn't catch the ball clean and will break your heart with a critical drop." Strengths: Quick, sudden feet on a 6'6 frame with good lateral mobility. Obscene catch radius. Flashes deceptive route running. Physical through his route and uses his size and length to separate. Can dominate in traffic. Build up speed guy and can get over the top of a defense. Solid yac threat that's dangerous with the ball in his hands. Good blocker. Weaknesses: Major issues with drops. Doesn't fire off the los. Doesn't always sell routes and telegraphs where he wants to go. Overall: Butler's an enormously frustrating pr

Benny Snell Scouting Report

"Violent, chippy workhorse with impressive lateral mobility. Absorbs a lot of punishment though, and can let his emotions take over." Strengths: Good lean, power and lateral mobility. Scrapes thru arm tackles, keeps driving and always falls forward. Good lateral quickness to compliment his physicality. Great vision and consistently runs to daylight. Quick feet with a solid short area burst. Workhorse with a big motor. Solid ball security. Soft hands as a receiver. Weaknesses: Lacks speed at the 2nd level. Poor technique in pass pro. Can catch but lacks a good feel for the passing game. Violent runner and absorbs a ton of contact. Chippy and can let his emotions get the best of him. Overall:

Jalen Hurd Scouting Report

"Instant accelerator with size and strength but a big project at WR with a sketchy track record, who still looks like he should be playing RB." Strengths: Sudden accelerator off the los and out the backfield. Can stick his foot down and change directions at high speed. Good feet and lateral quickness. Solid size and catch radius as a receiver. Tough and carries some pop in his pads. Strong work ethic and a grinder since transferring to Baylor. Weaknesses: Inconsistent hands. Choppy route runner. Physical but inexperienced beating the press. Poor blocker in space. Upright runner and lacks good patience as a RB. Not as great a threat after the catch as his RB background suggests. Absorbs conta

Clifton Duck Scouting Report

"Playmaking off ball corner that plays bigger than his size but lacks explosive mobility and will need to earn a spot on special teams to break in." Strengths: Pint size zone corner with great ball skills and extra aggressiveness. Anticipates and makes plays on the ball. Aggressive run supporter belying his size. Experienced returner with shiftiness and vision. Weaknesses: Lacks explosive mobility. Gives up quick separation and often slow to recover. Gives up a lot of size and length and gets bodied out of the ball. Can be run past. Better off ball guy than post up in man coverage. Motor ebbs and flows. Overall: Duck's a productive off ball corner that plays bigger than his size. Unfortunate

Joe Jackson Scouting Report

"43 DE with a good motor, power at the point , closing quickness and some scheme versatility. His lack of fluidity and explosiveness cap his upside, however." Strengths: Fires off the snap with leverage and power. Good closing quickness and finishes when he gets an advantage. Flashes ability to shed quickly and dictate with his hands. Sudden mover that makes up distance in a blink if free. Generally stout and stacks vs the run. Strong motor. Weaknesses: Linear guy with limited lateral mobility. Tick slow changing direction. Stiff hipped, upright guy in space. Gets tied up on the block too long running the arc. Can get overwhelmed vs size at the point. Hustle speed guy more than real speed. O

Will Grier Scouting Report

"Easily repeated accuracy and mechanics with good subtle pocket elusiveness, albeit on a small frame with just over the threshold arm strength" Strengths: Consistent ball placer and generally accurate, timing QB. Good feel in the pocket and consistently buys time when he needs to. Consistent mechanics with a quick release. Can change up velocity. Clutch and poised timing passer that stays calm in frenetic situations and can make the key play. Monster production at WVU. Weaknesses: Just over the threshold arm strength. Generally accurate but throws his share of unforced misses. Elusive in the pocket but not a runner. Small stature and a thin frame raises some durability concerns. Overall: Gri

Devin Bush Scouting Report

"A little bulldog that's a basically a stocky DB playing LB. He's physical and strong enough to play inside but has the mobility and cover skills of a defensive back." Strengths: Stocky, fast, LB with coverage ability. Flashes power in his hands and delivers blows with a head of steam. Can cover like a safety and aware in man and zone. Mirrors in man coverage relatively well. Flashes great speed and change of direction. Reliable open field tackler. Passionate and plays with juice on the field. Weaknesses: Undersized and finds blockers. Can be blocked entirely out of the play. Hits trash flowing to the ball. Lacks ideal anticipation. Lack of length shows up in "almost plays". Suffers nagging

Greedy Williams Scouting Report

"Lengthy corner with prototype speed and quickness that plays under-powered and loose." Strengths: Long corner with prototype speed and fluidity. Mirrors WRs and shows good ball skills. Rarely takes false steps. Good anticipation ability. Flashes physicality and the ability to use his length through the route and the catch point. Good ball skills and aware in zone facing the action. Weaknesses: Slight frame and can get pushed around. Doesn't have a regularly effective punch. A little late with his ball awareness in trail. Soft tackler. Sits on blocks. More fast than quick type. Verbal warrior that may lack discipline on the field. Overall: LSU lineage guy with the usual prototype length and

Nick Bosa Scouting Report

"Bulked up edge outside linebacker with explosive power and good technique that needs to overcome the injury bug to maximize his career." Strengths: Bulked up edge OLB technician with vicious hands. Sheds in a flash and closes quickly on the ball. Refuses to stay blocked and embarrasses physically weak blockers. Good range when he's fresh. Solid motor. Strong repertoire of moves. Has the bloodlines going for him. Weaknesses: Not a twitchy athlete and just adequate get off. Occasionally lunges off the snap and loses balance. Needs to be technically sound or he gets rooted out. Injury history suggests it'll always be a concern. Overall: Bosa isn't exactly a physical freak. He's a bulky undersi

Jawaan Taylor Scouting Report

"Intimidating downhill mover with linear athleticism and length but subpar feet and likes to grab." Strengths: Sudden downhill mover off the snap who controls if he gets hands on. Able to hit moving targets in the open field with ease and goes down the ladder for the next mark. Naturally strong and anchors. Technically sound pass protector with vice hands. Finisher with an ideal OL demeanor. Weaknesses: Pedestrian lateral mobility and feet. Struggles to recover if beat initially. Catches blockers in his chest too often. Hit & miss winning leverage on contact but his strength usually compensates at the college level. Doesn't sustain often unless he grabs. Whole bunch of false starts weren't c

Jaylon Ferguson Scouting Report

"Ferguson's a monster college rusher that doesn't project well due to inconsistent leverage, clunky athleticism in space and slow hands." Strengths: Highly productive college edge rusher with burst and solid technique. Impressive closing quickness and finishes. Good awareness and hustle around the los. Hustles and works into sacks. Generally plays with power at the point and can finish through contact. Flashes ability to shed quickly and has a variety of moves. Weaknesses: Inconsistent leverage and can get ragdolled at the point. Lacks open field speed and range. Really struggles to change direction and is clunky in space. Balance is problematic. Slow hands. Too often stalemated on contact.

Christian Wilkins Scouting Report

"Squatty DE playing DT who's flexibility, closing quickness and motor get him free consistently. But he needs to play with flawless technique to avoid getting rooted out." Strengths: Squeezed down, stubby DE that wins inside with suddenness, flexibility and hustle. Uses initial punch, mobility and balance to work free. A closer that finishes plays when the opportunity arises. Big time motor. Technically sound and can stack/shed. Can keep himself free and track the ball. Top shelf character guy and a team leader. Weaknesses: Undersized and small framed for a DT. Arm length isn't ideal. Occasionally rooted out and can struggle vs the double. Overall: Wilkins is a squatty DE playing DT that's a

Jeffrey Simmons Scouting Report

"Rare size, speed athlete that wins inside with natural gifts but will need a commitment to technique to really thrive." Strengths: Explosive linear speed for a DT. Rare strength, speed athlete. Can win in a flash upfront and crash the backfield. Stacks well when he leverages and will push the pile. Good feet and will chase down the line. Productive and overwhelms guys inside. Gets his hands up with good timing and swats balls. Weaknesses: Stands up at the snap and gives up leverage. Freak athlete but not great laterally. Once he gets moving in one direction, struggles to redirect. Inconsistent technique leads to losses upfront he ought to win. Pre draft ACL prompts a redshirt rookie year an

Dexter Lawrence Scouting Report

"Fat man with closing quickness but his stamina, motor, and health often lacking." Strengths: Fat man with closing quickness and change of direction. Good mobility from a to b. Strong initial punch, especially when he's got leverage. Holds his ground vs the double when he's properly rooted. High character guy and a team leader. Weaknesses: Too often losses leverage battles and gets rooted out. Stamina, motor often lacking. Suffered toe injury that required surgery 17' and resulted in nerve ailment. Overall: Lawrence has regressed a bit since his debut as a freshman, largely due to injury. When he's fresh and playing low, he's a force inside that collapses the pocket. He comes off blocks well

Mack Wilson Scouting Report

"Essentially a big athletic safety playing ILB and carries good upside but needs to tighten up his game and play more under control" Strengths: Skill set of a big safety with the size of an ILB. Fast and fluid. Handles man coverage all over the field. Good ball skills. A striker when he lines you up. Smart, heady guy. Flashes power in his hands. Weaknesses: Overruns plays and a shoddy tackler in space. A hitter but lacks lower body power. Falls off tackles. Good not a great motor. Lacks instincts. Showed little improvement over his 17 starts. Petty and initiates immature confrontations. Overall: Wilson is essentially a big safety playing MLB. He shines at flowing to the ball and has great ra

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