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Baker #1?

Baker Mayfield's projection is going to be a heated discussion this draft. Do scouts see him closer to another Russell Wilson...or even a Drew Brees?

Or is he the next Jeff Blake...or another Colt McCoy? How he closes out his college career in the playoff will definetly be a significant peice but he's already put everything on film.

Attending the Senior Bowl as possibly the #1 overall pick hasn't happened since the back to back years of 2003 Carson Palmer and 2002 David Carr.

The Browns coaching staff will surely be extended an invite to coach which will make things interesting. Though it's safe to say newly appointed John Dorsey will be the definitive voice in the draft room, not Hue Jackson.

It'll all come down to Dorsey's evaluation. In a bizarre coincidence, it could have been Dorsey's evaluation of Pat Mahomes that actually put him in the Browns GM spot ...and doomed Sashi Brown.

Reports suggest the Browns would've drafted Mahomes at #12 had the Chiefs not traded up 17 spots in front of them.

Mahomes is obviously still a big question mark but he was clearly the star of the Chiefs camp and pre season and demonstrated the talent he's working with in his first start on Sunday. And for what it's worth, Mahomes' intriguing play does pretty well for the perception of Dorsey as a good evaluator.

Weeks ago Dorsey asked his team scouts to assess the 2018 QBs and rank them. It was, among other things, a test to see who's on the same page as the GM and underpins exactly what he was hired for. solve the Browns tragicomic QB circumstance.

Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen certainly pass the eye test and are generally considered the top two guys. While Mayfield's been compared to just about every short, productive college QB that's come out, from Johnny Manziel to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

But what he lacks in the eye test he appears to make up for in on field leadership and production.

There's a lot to like about Baker. He's strong armed, accurate, mobile, a playmaker and a leader. The knocks are mostly that he's atypical. He's Doug Flutie short. I'd be surprised if he measures much over 5'10. His footwork is patchy, he occasionally holds the ball too long and he plays with an overwhelming chip that spills over.

Generally franchise QBs are drafted not acquired. Even if the Browns opt for a veteran bridge, with holding 2 top ten picks, they're 99% assured of selecting a QB. Dorsey just has to pick the right one. Easy Peasy.

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