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5 Guys You Can't Overlook Now After The Combine

Kevin King

I was really high on "the other Washington corner" before the combine, having him as the #4 best CB in this class. And there were some reports that he had a chance to test well...and they were right. High 2nd round is completely reasonable at this point.

6030 200 | 6.56 3 - cone · 4.43 40yd · 39.5 vert · 3.89 20yd shuttle. |

Trey Hendrickson

I didn't know anything about this guy until the Shrine week where he was the dominant defensive player there. Another guy that was reported to test well and he didn't disappoint. It's hard to see him get out of the top 100 in April.

6040 266 | 7.03 3 - cone · 1.59 10yd split · 4.20 20yd shuttle · 4.65 40 yd ·

Raekwon McMillan

I liked McMillan a little more than most prior to the combine, ranking him #56 overall. I thought he did everything well but just wasn't flashy doing it. He flashed at Lucas Field. He was more easily athletic than anticipated and nailed every drill.

6020 240 | 4.61 40yd · 7.15 3 cone · 4.39 20yd shuttle · 33 vert |

Brian Allen

I recall a few Utah games during the season where he flashed a little to me. He struck me as a late rounder to UDFA that would play S or CB. After testing like an elite athlete, it's time to reconsider that draft slotting.

6031 215 | 6.64 3 cone · 4.48 40yd · 4.34 20yd shuttle · 34' arms |

Shaquill Griffin.

I had heard Griffin was a freak athlete before the combine and he didn't disappoint. Checking him out earlier in the year, I wasn't taken with his tape. I thought I was seeing a fairly nondescript, albeit athletic CB, who made too many business decisions for my liking. But after that performance. he's another guy to take a longer look at.

6001 194 | 6.87 3 cone · 4.38 40yd · 4.14 20yd shuttle · 38.5 vert · 11'0" broad · 17 reps |

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