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Are You Not Entertained ! | 6 guys I think could show out at the NFL Combine

Montae Nicholson | Michigan St

Big rangy S/OLB flashed in most of the Spartan games I watched. Regarded as a box run guy but looks comfortable in the deep half. Not the most sound tackler but he gets there in a hurry.

Cethan Carter | Nebraska

HB/FB/TE had little production as a Badger but flashed good athleticism on his few opportunities. Looks like a Lance Kendricks clone but I think he could be a better player.

Solomon Thomas | Stanford

David Shaw already tipped this off and I'm buying it. I think he'll walk away one of the Combine's biggest winners.

Joe Williams | Utah

Likely undraftable due to a myriad of issues but I think he'll blaze in Indianapolis. He'll make one of the more intriguing discussion in team's draft rooms.

Garret Bolles | Utah

My top OT for a while but I think he'll start convincing even detractors after the combine.

Justin Evans | Texas A&M

He's like a loose cannon on the field. He's just as apt to knock himself out as an opponent. And despite racking up tackle totals, he's not a reliable last line defender. But he's often running at a different speed.

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