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2022 Seahawks

1. (9) Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi St

2. (40) Boye Mafe, DE, Minnesota

2. (41) Kenneth Walker, RB, Michigan St

3. (72) Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington St

4. (109) Coby Bryant, CB, Cincinnati

5. (153) Tariq Woolen, CB, UTSA

5. (158) Tyreke Smith, DE, Ohio St

6. (180) Matt Araiza, P, Utah

7. (229) Bo Melton, WR, Rutgers

7. (233) Dareke Young, WR, Lenoir Rhyne


Linebacker Vi Jones, North Carolina State

Defensive back Joshua Valentine-Turner, Florida International

Receiver Jake Herslow, Houston

Safety Bubba Bolden, Miami

Receiver John Mitchell, Florida Atlantic

Safety Joey Blount, Virginia

Receiver Rodney Coates, University of West Florida 

Defensive tackle Matthew Gotel, University of West Florida 

Receiver Demetris Robertson, Auburn

Defensive end Josh Onujiogu

QB Levi Lewis, Louisiana

Guard Shamarious Gilmore, Georgia State

Safety Scott Nelson, Wisconsin

Safety Deontai Williams, Nebraska

As the Seahawks kick off a rebuild, it's fairly clear their targeting the 2023 draft for a potential franchise QB rather than this class or free agency. therefore building the cockpit and support talent was the primary focus in this draft.

OT Cross was arguably the best pure pass pro LT in this class. He's a plug and play guy. I thought edge Mafe was a 1st round talent and he makes an ideal fit for the Leo.

RB Walker was my RB #1 to me and he's an ideal fit in the run first offense. OT Lucas was another 1st round talent imo. The RT is a massive athletic guy that should eventually become a rock solid OL fixture.

Although I'm not high on either, CB's Woolen and Bryant are scheme fits and solid mid round stabs. DE Smith was once a heralded prospect and represents a solid mid round value. A bit of a one trick but he could earn a spot.

WR Melton was one of my guys and could be the best value guy in this class for them. He's cat quick, with strong hands but lacks play strength. Admittedly I'm not up on 7th round WR Young. P Araiza's hit or miss type pick but a solid stab in the late rounds.

2022 Niners

2. (61) Drake Jackson, LB, USC

3. (93) Tyrion Davis-Price, RB, LSU

3. (105) Danny Gray, WR, SMU

4. (134) Spencer Burford, OG, UTSA

5. (172) Samuel Womack, CB, Toledo

6. (187) Nick Zakelj, OT, Fordham

6. (220) Kalia Davis, DT, UCF

6. (221) Tariq Castro-Fields, CB, Penn State

7. (262) Brock Purdy, QB, Iowa St


DL Kevin Atkins, Fresno State
LB Jeremiah Gemmel, North Carolina
LB Marcelino McCrary-Ball, Indiana
LB Segun Olubi, San Diego State
CB Qwuantrezz Knight, UCLA
S Tayler Hawkins, San Diego State
S Leon O’Neal Jr., Texas A&M
RB Jordan Mason, Georgia Tech
WR Taysir Mack, Pittsburgh
WR Tay Martin, Oklahoma State
TE Garrett Walston, North Carolina
OL Jason Poe, Mercer
OL Sam Schlueter, Minnesota
OL Dohnovan West, Arizona State


I thought ED Drake Jackson became a forgotten prospect heading into the draft but was worthy of a 1st round pick. He's an explosive agile athlete that'll get stronger in time.


RB Davis-Price is a surprising pick in the 2nd round. Last years' anointed 3rd rounder Sermon, that they traded up for, went directly into the doghouse once the season began and hasn't come out. And with this pick he might live there now. Davis Price is certainly a Shanahan type system RB but it still seems like a big time luxury pick.

WR Gray is a rumored speedster but I wasn't feeling his tape. OG/OT Burford is a solid scheme fit and pick up in the mid rounds. Admittedly I'm not familiar with CB Womack and OT Zakelj. Both appear to be camp guys destined for the practice squad.

DT Davis is highly athletic but woefully undersized for the interior. I'm a fan of CB Castro-Fields and felt he could've gone much higher than the 6th round. QB Purdy is an interesting 7th rounder. Shanahan might be trying for a reliable back up here but I'm skeptical.

The Niners signed a lot of UDFA's that I was a fan of. Namely WR Martin, S Knight and LB Gemmel. I could see each sticking on somewhere.

2022 Rams

3. (104) Logan Bruss, OG, Wisconsin

4. (142) Decobie Durant, CB, South Carolina St

5. (164) Kyren Williams, RB, Notre Dame

6. (211) Quintin Lake, S, UCLA

6. (212) Derion Kendrick, CB, Georgia

7. (235) Daniel Hardy, DE, Montana St

7. (253) Russ Yeast, S, Kansas St

7. (261) AJ Acuri, OT, Michigan St


Jake Hummel - LB, Iowa State

Brayden Thomas - LB, North Dakota State

Daniel Isom - DB, Washington State

Caesar Williams - DB, Wisconsin  

Jack Snyder - IOL, San Jose State

Cameron Dicker - K, Texas

Kier Thomas - DE, Florida State

Roger Carter - FB, Georgia State

Elijah Garcia - DL, Rice 

Duron Lowe - DB, Liberty

Benton Whitley - DE, Holy Cross

Dion Novil - DL, North Texas 

Jamal Pettigrew - TE, McNeese State

Jairon McVea - S, Baylor


Rams made the most of their first pick taking a solid mid rounder in OG Bruss. He's good scheme fit and should eventually be a starter. CB Durant is a just a big swing pick. Highly athletic playmaker but undersized and has feasted on small school competition.

RB Kyren Williams was probably the best pass pro blocker in this class but lacked baseline size and speed. That said, if Akers or Henderson slip up, Williams has the talent to be a steal of a pick.

S Lake is a camp and practice squad filler. CB Kendrick, DE Hardy and S Yeast are special team and camp fillers that'll need to show a lot to make the roster. OT Acuri was one of my guys and I'll wager he vastly outperforms his draft slot.

2022 Cardinals

2. (55) Trey McBride, TE, Colorado St

3. (87) Cameron Thomas, DE, San Diego St

3. (100) Myjai Sanders, DE, Cincinnati

6. (201) Keontay Ingram, RB, USC

6. (215) Lecitus Smith, OG, Virginia Tech

7. (244) Christian Matthew, S, Valdosta St

7. (256) Jesse Luketa, DE, Penn State

7. (257) Marquis Hayes, OG, Oklahoma


Fresno State RB Ronnie Rivers

LSU Jontre Kirklin

Tennessee WR Javonta Payton

Boise State S Kekaula Kaniho

Northwestern WR Stephon Robinson Jr.

Virginia Tech WR Changa Hodge

Louisville OL Cole Bentley

Central Methodist DE Will Miles

Auburn LB Chandler Wooten

Georgia Southern CB Darrell Baker Jr.

Oklahoma DT LaRon Stokes

Based on Kingsbury's offense, a 1st round caliber TE rookie selection, with a pro bowl guy already on the roster, seems like a luxury pick. McBride is talented and somewhat of a steal at the bottom of round 2, but unless there are significant changes to the scheme, he could be wasted.

DE's Thomas and Sanders were both generally overrated guys imo. Both carry college standout that doesn't make a pro impact vibes but it's a big position of need and they'll certainly get solid opportunities to play.

RB Ingram has a Rondale Jones like physical skill set but isn't the most instinctive runner. I'm a big fan of OG Smith and feel like he could've gone much higher than the 6th.

7th rounders DE Luketa, S Matthews and OG Hayes are decent late stabs that are solid try hard guys that could stick but likely destined for a practice squad.

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