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Vikings 2023
Packers 2023

1. (23) Jordan Addison, WR, UCLA

3. (102) Mehki Blackmon, CB, USC

4. (134) Jay Ward, CB, LSU

5. (141) Jaquelin Roy, DT, LSU

5. (164) Jaren Hall, QB, BYU

7. (222) Dewayne McBride, RB, UAB


WR Cephus Johnson, Southeastern Louisiana

WR Malik Knowles, Kansas State

ILB Ivan Pace, Jr., Cincinnati

K Jack Podlesny, Georgia

TE Ben Sims, Baylor

WR Thayer Thomas, N.C. State

CB NaJee Thompson, Georgia Southern

CB Jaylin Williams, Indiana

OL Alan Ali, TCU

DT Calvin Avery, Illinois

ILB Abraham Beauplan, Marshall

OLB Andre Carter II, Army

OL Jacky Chen, Pace

CB C.J. Coldon, Oklahoma

ILB Wilson Huber, Cincinnati

Vikings GM Adofo-Mensah hit all the needs and found talent from the top to the UDFA's. WR Addison is a quick possession type that should be a quality side kick.

7th round RB McBride is a great talent that likely fell down boards because of sketchy ball security concerns. DB's Blackmon and Ward are physical, smart zone workers that should adhere well to the scheme.

QB Hall is a solid mid round swing. He's got talent and a chance to develop into more than a back up.

I wasn't a big fan of DT Roy. He's flashes natural talent but his technique and productivity were/are red flags. UDFA LB Pace unbelievably made it through 7 rounds and was wisely signed. He's an unconventional talent but adaptable and he'll show up in some capacity this season for the Vikings.


1. (13) Lukas Van Ness, LB, Iowa

2. (42) Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon St

2. (50) Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan St

3. (78) Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota St

4. (116) Colby Wooden, DE, Auburn

5. (149) Sean Clifford, QB, Penn St

5. (159) Dontayvion Wicks, WR, Virginia

6. (179) Karl Brooks, LB, Bowling Green

6. (207) Anders Carlson, K, Auburn

7. (232) Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky

7. (235) Lew Nichols, RB, Central Michigan

7. (242) Anthony Johnson, S, Iowa St

7. (256) Grant Dubose, WR, Charlotte


TE Camren McDonald, Florida State

DB Benny Sapp, Northern Iowa

DL Jason Lewan, Illinois State

WR Malik Heath, Ole Miss

OT Kadeem Telfort, UAB

LB Jimmy Phelps Jr., SMU

TE Henry Pearson, App. State

OLB Keshawn Banks, New Mexico

OL Chuck Filiaga, Minnesota

S Christian Morgan, Baylor

WR Deuce Watts, Tulane

Edge Van Ness is a freak athlete with power that'll need to incorporate more counters and nuance to his game. The Packers followed with 5 Tech start ups in DE's Wooden and Brooks. Both are finess talents that will need more strength to become blue chip starters or key contributors.

Skill position talents TE's Musgrave, Kaft and WR Reed are solid additions. Each have starter upside and should really help fill out the teams weapons. WR's Wicks, Dubose and RB Nichols are the practice squad versions.

DB's Valentine and Johnson are good depth for where they were selected and could find fits on the roster. K Carlson is the starter. QB Clifford has some flashes of talent but it's a toss up he'll initiate any changes in the depth chart.

I'm a fan of UDFA TE McDonald but he's seemingly lost on this depth chart.

Lions 2023

1. (12) Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama

1. (18) Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa

2. (34) Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa

2. (45) Brian Branch, S, Alabama

3. (68) Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee

3. (96) Brodric Martin, DT, Western Kentucky

5. (152) Colby Sorsdal, OT, William & Mary

7. (219) Antoine Green, WR, UNC


Chase Cota, WR, Oregon

Mohamed Ibrahim, RB, Minnesota

Adrian Martinez, QB, Kansas State

Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame

Starling Thomas V, CB, UAB

Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor

Isaac Darkangelo, LB, Illinois

Ryan Swoboda, OT, UCF

Zach Morton, DE, Akron

Unexpected but the Lions effectively upgraded their backfield this offseason swapping out Swift/Williams for Gibbs/Montgomery. RB Gibbs is a big time talent and gives them a versatile homerun hitter out the backfield.

I'm not a fan of LB Campbell and considered him more of a mid round talent. If incumbents Rodriguez, and Barnes end up starting over Campbell, it won't be a surprise.

TE LaPorta is a solid all around guy for the position although I didn't consider him a day 2 talent. S Branch fills a need and is a solid nickel player, although not as adept in coverage as he's reputed to be.

QB Hooker is a long term back up type imo with some upside to grow into a dual threat starter. DT Martin was an intriguing choice in that he was considered a consensus reach. The Lions stubbornly avoided adding talent upfront and on the corners of the defense and will almost assuredly struggle again there this season.


OT Sordsdal and WR Green are practice squad guys. UDFA's RB Ibrahim and OT Galvin were much higher on my board and I'd wager will earn spots.

Bears 2023

1. (10) Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

2. (53) Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida

2. (56) Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami

3. (64) Zacch Pickens, DT, South Carolina

4. (115) Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas

4. (133) Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati

5. (148) Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon

5. (165) Terell Smith, CB, Minnesota

7. (218) Travis Bell, DT, Kennesaw St

7. (258) Kendall Williamson, S, Stanford


Tyson Bagent, QB, Shepard

Gabe Houy, G, Pittsburgh

Andre Szymt, K, Syracuse

Justin Broiles, CB, Oklahoma

Jalen Harris, EDGE, Arizona

Dominic Quewon, LB, Southern Miss

Micah Baskerville, LB, LSU

Robert Burns, RB, Connecticut

Macon Clark, S, Tulane

Devonnsha Maxwell, DL, Tennessee-Chattanooga

OT Wright was not a first round caliber player for most of his time at Tennessee. But his senior year was good enough to vault him up many team boards. I think he's a clear boom/bust prospect.

DT's Dexter and Pickens are good talents in need of coaching and development. Barring something unusual, both should be eventual starters. Fairly similar for CB's Stevenson and Smith. Both are top tier athletes that need seasoning but should be major contributors in time.

RB Johnson and WR Scott felt like unnecessary luxury picks. Individually solid talents but they'll be buried on this depth chart. LB Sewell is a decent depth player in the box. DT Bell and DB Williamson are practice squad candidates.

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