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Eagles 2023

1. (9) Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

1. (30) Nolan Smith, LB, Georgia

3. (65) Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama

3. (66) Sydney Brown, S, Illinois

4. (105) Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia

6. (188) Tanner McKee, QB, Stanford

7. (249) Moro Ojomo, DT, Texas


Eli Ricks, DB, Alabama

Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU

Joseph Ngata, WR, Clemson

Jadon Haselwood, WR, Arkansas

Ty Zentner, P, Kansas State

Trevor Reid, OT, Louisville



DL Carter was a potentially massive draft steal but it's predicated on whether or not he'll mature inside his first contract. He's talented enough to play full time either inside or out.


LB Smith is a versatile, physical defender that'll need to attempt to translate his elite athleticism into more on field production. OL Steed is a swing tackle/guard that improves depth.


DB's Brown and Ringo are each safeties imo. Both are top tier athletes that can make plays but need to improve their reliability.


DT Ojomo is a solid later round pick with enough upside to grow into a future starter. QB McKee becomes a practice squad guy with the depth here.


Commanders 2023
Screenshot_2021-05-02 thumb aspx (WEBP I

1. (16) Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State

2. (47) Quan Martin, CB, Illinois

3. (97) Ricky Stromberg, OC, Arkansas

4. (118) Braeden Daniels, OG, Utah

5. (137) KJ Henry, LB, Clemson

6. (193) Chris Rodriguez, RB, Kentucky

7. (233) Andre Jones, DE, Louisiana


Mitchell Tinsley, WR, Penn State

Mason Brooks, OL, Ole Miss

Joshua Pryor, DL, Bowie State

Xavier Henderson, S, Michigan State

Kazmeir Allen, WR/KR, UCLA

D.J. Stirgus, CB, Missouri Western

CB Forbes is a playmaker and concerns over his size will eventually fade as he gets stronger with age. DB Martin is an elite athlete and his versatility will be his best asset.

OLineman Stromberg and Daniels in the mid rounds are bargains and likely future starters. OC Stromberg is a good technician that's basically plug and play. Daniels needs more seasoning and strength, but he's an above board athlete for the position and a good scheme fit.

Edge Henry flashed a lot opposite DE Murphy and could be a draft steal. He's consistent and sudden off the edge. RB Rodriguez would have gone much higher if not for off field concerns. DE Jones is a practice squad guy.


Cowboys 2023
Giants 2023

1. (26) Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan

2. (58) Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan

3. (90) DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas

4. (129) Villami Fehoko, DE, San Jose St

5. (169) Asim Richards, OT, UNC

6. (178) Eric Scott Jr, CB, Southern Miss

6. (212) Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas St

7. (244) Jalen Brooks, WR, South Carolina


Earl Bostick Jr., OT, Kansas

T.J. Bass, OL, Oregon

Durrell Johnson, OLB, Liberty

Tyrus Wheat, OLB, Miss. State

Jose Barbon, WR, Temple

David Durden, WR, West Florida

Hunter Luepke, FB, North Dakota State

Princeton Fant, TE, Tennessee

Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR, Fresno State

Isaiah Land, TE, Florida A&M

DT Smith is a unique skill set prospect that didn't make as big an impact at Michigan as expected. He's a boom/bust prospect but has the potential to be a top tier interior difference maker.

His alum, TE Schoonmaker is really an identical boom/bust prospect type. He possesses good size and quickness for a move TE but wasn't particular productive and doesn't offer much upside as a blocker.

LB Overshown was overdrafted imo. He's a fairly athletic edge but has strength issues and wasn't productive at Texas. DE Fehoko's a solid mid rounder that employs power and hustle.

I was a big fan of OT Richards and likened him to Taylor Moton. Time will tell where he ends up playing but I think either way he's a steal in the 5th. RB Vaughn is a spark plug and has legit Darren Sproles upside.

WR Brooks and DB Scott are sturdy sized practice squad candidates. KR/WR Moreno-Crpper was an UDFA signing that stood out.


1. (24) Tae Banks, CB, Maryland

2. (57) John Michael-Schmitz, OC, Minnesota

3. (73) Ja;lin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

5. (172) Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma

6. (209) Tre Hawkins, CB, Old Dominion

7. (243) Jordan Riley, DT, Oregon

7. (254) Gervarrius Owens, S, Houston


Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia

Tommy DeVito, QB, Illinois

Habakkuk Baldonado, DE, Pittsburgh

Alex Cook, S, Washington

Dyontae Johnson, LB, Toledo

Troy Brown, LB., Ole Miss

CB Banks is more of a boom/bust than most consider. He's an elite athlete with size but was a one year wonder with an injury history and an quirky af personality.

OC JMS was the best center in this class and fills a crater on the offense. WR Hyatt's a one dimensional field stretcher but he undeniably should help this run based offense. RB Gray's a sneaky solid prospect that does everything pretty well and is tough.

DB's Hawkins, Owens and DT Riley are practice squad candidates. Among the UDFA signings I was a fan of Ole Miss LB Brown.


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