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Chiefs 2023
Chargers 2023

1. (31) Felix Anudike-Uzomah, DE, Kansas St

2. (55) Rashee Rice, WR, SMU

3. (92) Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma

4. (119) Chamarri Conner, S, Virginia Tech

5. (166) BJ Thompson, LB, Stephen F Austin

6. (194) Keondre Coburn, DT, Texas

7. (250) Nic Jones, CB, Ball St


Cam Jones, LB, Indiana

Reese Taylor, CB, Purdue

Isaiah Norman, S, Marshall

Anderson Hardy, OL, Appalachian State

Anthony Cook, S, Texas

Deneric Prince, RB, Tulsa

Zane Pope, WR, Fresno State

Ty Scott, WR, Missouri State

Josh Mote, OT, LA Tech

Nikko Remigio, WR/KR, Fresno State

Blake Haynes, OL, Tarleton

James Letcher, WR, Washburn

Martez Manuel, S, Missouri

DE Anudike-Uzomah is an ideal scheme fit and should contribute straight away. And the Chiefs need him to contribute from the jump., which isn't ideal.  WR Rice was a mixed bag prospect. At the very least he should be a situational chunk play target.

I wasn't a fan of OT Morris and think he's over drafted here. That said, he's a developmental swing guy and the Chiefs have had some success coaching guys up here of late.

Edge Thompson's a solid mid round development guy. DT Coburn's an underrated interior guy that I'd wager out plays his draft slot. While CB Jones is an ideal late round swing.

1. (21) Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

2. (54) Tuli Tuipulotu, DE, USC

3. (85) Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington St

4. (125) Derius Davis, WR, TCU

5. (156) Jordan McFadden, OT, Georgia

6. (200) Scott Matlock, DT, Boise St

7. (239) Max Duggan, QB, TCU


Pokey Wilson, WR, Florida State

Jerrod Clark, DT, Coastal Carolina

Andrew Farmer, EDGE, Lane

Nic Meslop, OL, Delta State

Cam Brown, CB, Ohio State

Mikel Jones, LB, Syracuse

Terrance Lang, DL, Colorado

Tiawan Mullen, CB, Indiana

AJ Finley, CB, Mississippi

Brevin Allen, LB, Campbell

Tyler Baker-Williams, S, NC State

Johari Branch, C, Maryland

AJ Uzodinma, CB, Ball State

Terrell Bynum, WR, USC

Elijah Dotson, RB, Northern Colorado

Nathan East, LB, Samford

Michael Ezeike, TE, UCLA

Tyler Hoosman, RB, North Dakota State

Clearly the Chargers were going to add a skill player at WR given the relative age and status of the room but TCU's WR Johnston as high as he went was a bit of a surprise to me. Johnston has attributes but is a one year wonder that was often controlled by college corners.

After that I think the Chargers got great value at every pick and took future contributors with every selection. DE's Tuli and Matlock are attacking 5 tech types that ideally fit the scheme.

LB Henley is a good depth addition and gets to understudy Kendricks. WR Darius is a satndout potential returner and fits the scheme precisely. OL McFadden was a good later round get and should eventually work his way up the depth chart.

And QB Duggan was worth a late flier as a potential long term back up. Among the UDFA's TE Ezeike stood out to me as a good developmental move TE.

Raiders 2023
Broncos 2023

1. (7) Tyree Wilson, DE, Texas Tech

2. (35) Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

3. (70) Byron Young, DT, Alabama

3. (100) Tre Tucker, WR, Cinncinati

4. (104) Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland

4. (135) Aidan O'Connell, QB, Purdue

5. (170) Chris Smith, S, Georgia

6. (203) Amari Burney, LB, Florida

7. (231) Nesta Jade Silvera, DT, Arizona St


Azizi Hearn, RB, UCLA

Jaydon Grant, DB, Oregon State

McClendon Curtis, OT, Chattanooga

Dalton Wagner, OT, Arkansas

Jordan Perryman, DB, UC Davis

DE Wilson essentially makes or breaks this draft for the Raiders. He was a polarizing prospect with clear boom/bust attributes. He'll serve as an understudy to DE Jones and likely see inside snaps on passing downs.

Conversely, TE Mayer was considered one of the higher floor guys in this class. He's not flashy but he's got a solid all around game and should contribute straight away assuming he grasps MDaniels offense from the jump.

DT Young was also considered a high floor guy to some. I wasn't a big fan and feel like his pro projection is limited. He's more a tactician than a physical standout and he'll have to learn tricks to be effective.

WR Tucker is a combative little receiver but the team room is crowded and he'll likely be limited to special teams only to start. CB Bennett is a great pick up on day 3 and a potential steal but I felt the corner position was a much bigger need with the Raiders free agent pick ups mostly on 1 year contracts.

QB O'Connell presents a solid back up for Garoppolo. S Smith is a sold special teamer. LB Burney was one of my favorite later round prospects. I'm convinced he'll outshine his draft position. He might be the best coverage LB on the team already. DT Nesta-Silvera was a solid late round pick up.


2. (63) Marvin Mims, LB, Oklahoma

3. (67) Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

3. (83) Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

6. (183) JL Skinner, S, Boise St

7. (257) Alex Forsyth, OC, Oregon


Art Green, CB, Houston

Dallas Daniels, WR, Jackson State

Alex Palczewski, OL, Illinois

Nate Adkins, TE, South Carolina

Kris Leach, TE, Kent State

Thomas Incoom, EDGE, Central Michigan

Devon Matthews, S, Indiana

Emmanuel Wilson, RB, Fort Valley State

More or less, the Broncos first pick of WR Mims is a statement on their 2020 pick KJ Hamler Both fill the same role and will compete for snaps as an explosive field stretcher for the offense.

I was a big fan of LB Sanders and think he'll outperform his draft slot here. He'll understudy behind Jewell this year and likely step into a starting role next season. His bag is elite short area quickness.

CB Moss is a solid depth player in an already strong secondary. S Skinner has impressive athletic traits but it's ready to contribute and is more of a developmental pick. OC Forsyth is just an end of the draft late flier at a position that I felt was a much bigger team need.


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