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Texans 2023
Colts 2023

1. (2) CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio St

1. (3) Will Anderson Jr, LB, Alabama

2. (62) Juice Scruggs, OC, Penn St

3. (69) Tank Dell, WR, Houston

4. (109) Dylan Horton, DE, TCU

5. (167) Henry To'oTo'o, LB, Alabama

6. (201) Jarrett Patterson, OC, Notre Dame

6. (205) Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa St

7. (248) Brandin Hill, S, Pittsburgh


Xazavian Valladay, RB, Arizona State

Joe Doyle, P, Memphis

Dylan Deatherage, C, Western Michigan

T.K. McClendon Jr., EDGE, Eastern Kentucky

Darius Joiner, DB, Duke

Kilian Zierer, OT, Auburn

Ali Gaye, EDGE, USC

Jared Wayne, WR, Pitt

Tyler Beach, OT, Wisconsin

Reports suggest the QB Stroud pick was a directive from management and GM Caserio and HC Ryans were indeed not enamored with the QBs after Bryce Young as reported pre draft. Time will tell but it wouldn't be the first time a team lucked into a franchise QB.

That said, Stroud was predominantly inconsistent at OSU and I'd say the best projection is something of the same as a pro. DE Anderson was considered one of the highest floor guys in the draft. While I agree in principle, I do think he was generally overrated but projects as a solid contributor in all aspects if not a superstar.

OC Scruggs was a guy I had much lower, in fact OC Patterson, who they also selected in the 6th, I had over Scruggs. Both are capable of manning the pivot but it appears the Texans view Patterson as an interchangeable interior guy. WR Dell is an adept route runner but pint size and easily knocked off his plan. I'm a fan of DE Horton and think he'll outperform his draft position.

LB To'oto'o is a solid mid round depth get. He's the type that will excel or fail based on his ability to anticipate. WR Hutchinson was a bit of a steal imo. He's a good sized guy with quickness in and out of routes. S Hill is a worthy late flyer.

UDFA RB Holliday was one of my favorite late round prospects and should stick as a reserve and special teamer.


Titans 2023

1. (4) Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

2. (44) JuJu Brents, CB, Kansas St

3. (79) Josh Downs, WR, UNC

4. (106) Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

4. (110) Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern

5. (138) Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina

5. (158) Daniel Scott, S, California

5. (162) Will Mallory, TE, Miami

5. (176) Evan Hull, RB, Northwestern

6. (211) Titus Leo, LB, Wagner

7. (221) Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M

7. (236) Jake Witt, OT, Northern Michigan


Caleb Sampson, DT, Kansas

Titus Swen, RB, Wyoming

Guy Thomas, LB, Colorado

Johnny King, WR, Southeast Missouri

Braxton Westfield, WR, Carson Newman

Zavier Scott, RB, Maine

Darius Hagans, RB, Virginia State

Cody Chrest, WR, Sam Houston State

Tyler Richardson, CB, Tiffin

Donavan Mutin, LB, Houston

Aaron Maddox, S, Campbell

Cole Coleman, S, Elon

Liam Anderson, LB, Holy Cross

Emil Ekiyor Jr, OL, Alabama

GM Ballard and the Colts played a little Kanas City shuffle on draft analysts with their supposed big interest in Will Levis. Ultimately Richardson proved to be the unicorn Steichen will have the opportunity to mold. He's basically a bigger Mike Vick and it's going to be fascinating to watch his progression. In the meantime,I think QB Minshew is better than most give him credit for and could surprise as a starter on this team, at least for a season.

CB Brents is a xenomorph that doesn't exactly know how to get the most out of his gifts yet. WR Downs is a mark it down steal and I won't be surprised if he's one of the best WR's out of this class years down the road. OT Freeland is a solid developmental OT prospect and fits the team's profile.

DL Adebawore is actually fairly similar gut to Kwity Paye but near as instinctive. He's a good change of pace on passing downs inside. CB Rush and S Scott were coveted by draft pundits on the whole and expected to go earlier. Both offer great depth and down the line starting potential. I was actually a bigger fan of 7th round corner Jones than Rush. He's an ideal fit in the Colts scheme and a bargain where he went.

TE Mallory and RB Hull are above board athletic talents with uninspiring college production. Mallory is one dimensional but a good develop guy and Hull needs improved ball security. DL Leo and OL Witt are practice squad fliers.


Jaguars 2023

1. (11) Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern

2. (33) Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

3. (81) Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane

5. (147) Josh Whyle, TE. Cincinnati

6. (186) Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland

7. (228) Colton Dowell, WR, Tennessee-Martin


TK McClendon Jr., DL, Kentucky

Thomas Rush, OLB, Minnesota

Kearis Jackson, WR, Georgia

John Ojukwu, OT, Boise State

Caleb Murphy, EDGE, Ferris State

Maxwell Worship, LB, Vanderbilt

Steven Jones Jr., CB, Appalachian State

Charles McClelland, RB, Cincinnati

Shakel Brown, DT, Troy

After massive speculation the Titans would be aggressive in the draft, they ended up staying pat for the most part and made a modest move on the second day to get another franchise potential QB. OG Skoronski was the consensus best OL prospect in this class.

Levis was a mixed bag prospect but gets the opportunity in Tenn to acclimate before being handed the reins, which could be crucial for his pro progress. RB Spears is an ideal change of pace and if he's healthy should fit perfectly.

I wasn't a strong fan of TE Whyle but he fits a need and offers upside as a situational red zone target. Similarly with OT Duncan, not a big fan but he adds depth and has requisite athleticism for the position to coach up.


WR Dowell is exactly the kind of late round guy you take a flyer on. Of their UDFA's, I'm a fan of WR Jackson and think he could catch on as a special teamer.


1. (27) Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma

2. (61) Brenton Strange, TE, Penn St

3. (88) Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn

4. (121) Ventrell Miller, LB, Florida

4. (130) Tyler Lacy, DE, Oklahoma St

5. (136) Yasir Abdullah, LB, Louisville

5. (160) Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M

6. (185) Parker Washington, WR, Penn St

6. (202) Christian Braswell, CB, Rutgers

6. (208) Erick Hallet, S, Pittsburgh

7. (226) Cooper Hodges, OT, App St

7. (227) Raymond Vohasek, DT, UNC

7. (240) Derek Parish, DE, Houston


Divaad Wilson, CB, UCF 

Samuel Jackson, G, Central Florida

Leonard Taylor, TE, Cincinnati

Elijah Cooks, WR, San Jose State

Jaray Jenkins, WR, LSU

Jayson Ademilola, DL, Notre Dame

Jaguars 2023 draft kicked off unconventionally as it was reported that OT Robinson would face a suspension to start the season. How much that played into their draft decision here is anyone's guess. But I did read that a strong interest in OT Harrison was already present.

The Oklahoma OT isn't the most athletic prospect but his technique and ability to anchor in particular, is top tier. In the 2nd they traded down and picked up an extra 5th for the well rounded upside TE Strange. He's an athletic receiver and an angry, adept blocker. He pairs well with move TE Engram and could take over next season is Engram becomes himself again this year. 

They used that 5th to potentially get a steal in edge Abdullah. He's ultra athletic and a playmaker that simply needs more precise technique. Rugged RB Bigsby is a good compliment to Etiene and likely becomes the most physical RB in the room.


LB Miller is one "my guys" of this draft and could be a diamond. Especially after news reports that he played his last year at Florida with a foot injury.  DE Lacy is a 5 tech type that has solid upside. S Johnson was a guy I had ranked as a 2nd round talent.

WR Washington is a big game, clutch hands guy that should show up situationally. DB's Braswell and Hallett are both smart, athletic testers that lack size. OG Hodges, DT Vohasek and ED Parish are late round practice squad candidates.

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