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Steelers 2023
Ravens 2023

1. (14) Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia

2. (32) Joey Porter Jr, CB, Penn St

3. (49) Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin

3. (93) Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

4. (132) Nick Herbig, LB, Wisconsin

7. (241) Cory Trice, CB, Purdue

7. (251) Spencer Anderson, OG, Maryland


Tanner Morgan, QB, Minnesota

Monte Pottebaum, FB, Iowa

Jordan Byrd, RB, San Diego State

David Perales, EDGE, Fresno State

I may be clear in the minority opinion but I think OT Jones would be a better interior player on the OL than outside. His athleticism and aggression are evident and there's room to coach him up, but his lateral agility is suspect.

CB Porter is another star prospect with great athleticism but he's suspect as an out on an island cover man. Ultimately I think he'll make a move to safety before long.

DT Benton is big man that flashes but isn't a reliable interior cog player. Imo he's more bark than bite as a prospect. TE Washington is an elite talent that could be a difference maker in both the run and pass game but was rumored to be flagged for a knee and durability could be a challenge.

Edge Herbig was a rock solid mid round pick up who might be able to stay on the edge in this scheme. CB Trice tested like an elite athlete but needs better anticipation to make an impact.

OG Anderson's a practice squad candidate.


Browns 2023

1. (22) Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College

3. (86) Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson

4. (124) Tavius Robinson, DE, Ole Miss

5. (157) Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford

6. (199) Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, OT, Oregon

7. (229) Andrew Vorhees, OG, USC


Keaton Mitchell, RB, East Carolina

Nolan Henderson, QB, Delaware

Tashawn Manning, OL, Kentucky

Jeremy Lucien, CB, Vanderbilt

Jaylon Thomas, OL, SMU

Tykeem Doss, OT, Southern Miss

Travis Vokolek, TE, Nebraska

Brian Walker, TE, Shepherd

Camron Peterson, DE, Southern University

Brandon Kipper, OL, Oregon State

Corey Mayfield Jr., CB, UTSA

Dontay Demus Jr., WR, Maryland

Trey Botts, DT, Colorado State-Pueblo

WR Flowers is a lot like a better Duvernay and could flourish in this scheme. He's more of a playmaker than a precise receiver however and might need significant seasoning to grow into an eventually #1 guy.

LB Simpson's an elite athlete that the Ravens will try to coach up into a star. DE Robinson is an interesting talent that similarly tested like top tier athlete but isn't there yet on film. Both these prospects are clear cut projects but carry fairly high upside.

CB Kelly is a good get for the scheme and could contribute early. OL Aumavae-Laulu and Vorhees are powerful drive blockers that fit the identity perfectly. Vorhees, in particular, will be a steal when 100% healthy.

I was a fan of UDFA WR Demus and wouldn't be surprised if he carves a role.


3. (74) Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee

3. (98) Siaki Ika, DT, Baylor

4. (111) Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio St

4. (126) Isaiah McGuire, DE, Missouri

5. (140) Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB, UCLA

5. (142) Cameron Mitchell, CB, Northwestern

6. (190) Luke Wypler, OC, Ohio St


Hassan Hall, RB, Georgia Tech

Ronnie Hickman, S, Ohio State

Tanner McCallister, CB, Ohio State

Mohamoud Diabate, EDGE, Utah

Caleb Biggers, CB, Boise State

Lonnie Phelps, EDGE, Kansas



WR Tillman is a competent enough replacement for Donovoan People Jones, who's likely not resigned next season. He's essentially just a slightly bigger version.


I thought DT Ika was generally underrated and predict a rock solid career for the Baylor tackle. He's got a good first step and simply needs more consistent technique to become a blue chip..

OT Jones is an intriguing pick up, particularly if he's talented enough to make a shift to the left side. He steadily got better at OSU and dominated at Senior Bowl practice for a day but carries significant questions about his preparation and character.

I was a fan of DE McGuiire and felt he was a bit overlooked across the draft season. He's got a good combination of size and agility. QB DTR is a solid developmental back up. His athleticism and arm strength are individually worth a mid round pick but he's also a smart guy.

I think OC Wypler is just a straight steal. He's small but just kicks ass. CB Mitchell fits the scheme well. The Browns arguably have one the better UDFA class after signings of ED Phelps, S Hickman. Each were draftable imo and will likely stick on the roster.

Bengals 2023

1. (28) Myles Murphy, DE, Clemson

2. (60) DJ Turner, CB, Michigan

3. (95) Jordan Battle, S, Alabama

4. (131) Charlie Jones, WR, Purdue

5. (163) Chase Brown, RB, Illinois

6. (206) Andre Iosivas, WR, Princeton

6. (217) Brad Robbins, P, Michigan

7. (246) DJ Ivey, S, Miami


Jaxson Kirkland, G, Washington

Larry Brooks III, S, Tulane

Jalen Moody, LB, Alabama

Devonnsha Maxwell, DB, Chattanooga

Mac Hippenhammer, WR, Miami (OH)

Shake Heyward, LB, Duke

Shedrick Jackson, WR, Auburn

Jacob Saylors, RB, East Tennessee

Calvin Tyler, RB, Utah State

DE Murphy was one of my highest ranked players in this class so it's without saying that I think the Bengals got a bargain taking him late in the first. He's a smart and versatile edge that can play a power game as good as a speed game. His sole weakness, imo, is that he's got a tendency to prefer the finesse game.

CB Turner's an intriguing pick. He's an elite athlete that doesn't quite know what he's doing yet.  To that, I'm not convinced he could take over in a year if Awuzie  isn't resigned.

S Battle's a smart reliable DB that can play single high or up in the box. WR's Jones and Iosivas are at the two comp;lete ends of the spectrum as prospects. Jones is a technique sound undersized guy with hands where Iosivas is all tools sans precision.

RB Brown is talented but unspectacular. If Mixon is released he could produce but it's not likely he'll match his explosiveness. The P Ivey should start where WR ivey is destined for the practice squad.


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