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2022 Eagles

1. (13) Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

2. (51) Cam Jurgens, OC, Nebraska

3. (83) Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia

6. (181) Kyron Johnson, LB, Kansas

6. (198) Grant Calcaterra, TE, SMU


Mario Goodrich, CB, Clemson

Josh Jobe, CB, Alabama:

Carson Strong, QB, Nevada: 

Josh Blackwell, CB, Duke:

Noah Elliss, DT, Idaho:

Kennedy Brooks, RB, Oklahoma:

William Dunkle, OG, San Diego State:

Josh Sills, G, Oklahoma State:

Reed Blankenship, S, Middle Tennessee State:

Britain Covey, WR, Utah:

Ali Fayad, Edge, Western Michigan:


The Eagles needed to get younger along the front seven, and the FA signing of LB White and Edge Reddick accomplish that. Similarly, DT Jordan Davis should eventually succeed Fletcher Cox but they paid a premium price for him and Davis isn't close to a sure thing.

OC Jurgens should track to succeed Kelcie and while I think the 2nd round was rich, he's a future starter with the advantage of good mentoring for a season.

LB Dean's stock fell due to valid size/speed and injury concerns. He's a solid get in the 3rd and adds depth inside with the versatility to play as a nickel safety. Kansas Edge Johnson was one of my favorite sleepers in this class and fits the scheme well. He's essentially a lesser clone of Reddick.

TE Calcaterra is a good late round find and adds quality depth. I think the Eagles snared the best collective group of UDFA's in the draft. QB Strong, CB's Jobe, Goodrich, OG's Sills and Dunkle....are just some of the draftable guys they inked.


2022 Commanders
Screenshot_2021-05-02 thumb aspx (WEBP I

1. (16) Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State

2. (47) Phidarian Mathis, DT, Alabama

3. (98) Brian Robinson, RB, Alabama

4. (113) Percy Butler, S, Louisiana

5. (144) Sam Howell, QB, UNC

5. (149) Cole Turner, TE, Nevada

7. (230) Chris Paul, OG, Tulsa

7. (240) Christian Holmes, CB, Oklahoma St


Jequez Ezzard, WR, Sam Houston St.

Cole Kelley, QB, Southeastern Louisiana

Ferrod Gardner, LB, Louisiana

Tyrese Robinson, OL, Oklahoma

Drew White, LB, Notre Dame

Tre Walker, LB, Idaho

Devin Taylor, CB, Bowling Green

Armani Rogers, TE, Ohio

Jacob Panasiuk, DE, Michigan St

Kyric McGowan, WR, Georgia Tech

Curtis Hodges, TE, Arizona St

Josh Drayden, CB, California

I'm not a fan of the recent decision making coming out of Washington. From the team name, to the Wentz trade and this draft class. I figured the Commanders would be interested in a QB early since Wentz is clearly nothing more than a bridge guy at this point. But after taking Sam Howell as almost an after thought in the 5th, it's likely next year is the target for the new franchise QB.

Instead they opted for offensive skill players in two of their first three picks. WR Dotson is a good talent but he might not be anything more than a solid slot WR. RB Robinson is a good get late in the 3rd and could push Gibson for snaps.

DT Mathis is a head scratcher. Imo he was a rich get in the 2nd and adds to arguably the deepest group on the team. S Butler adds electric athleticism but is a project that needs development. TE Turner should be a red zone weapon but his route running has a ways to go.

OG Paul was a potential late round steal. While CB Holmes is a practice squad guy. UDFA skill guys WR Ezzard and TE Rogers have flashed the talent to be part of the 53.

2022 Cowboys

1. (24) Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa

2. (56) Sam Williams, DE, Ole Miss

3. (88) Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama

4. (129) Jake Ferguson, TE, Wisconsin

5. (155) Matt Waletzko, OT, North Dakota

5. (167) Daron Bland, CB, Fresno St

5. (176) Damone Clark, LB, LSU

5. (178) John Ridgeway, DT, Arkansas

6. (193) Devin Harper, LB, Oklahoma St


Georgia Tech S Juanyeh Thomas

USC CB Isaac Taylor-Stuart

Indiana WR Ty Fryfogle

Texas A&M Commerce OL Amon Simon

Harvard RB Aaron Shampklin

Boston College C Alec Lindstrom

Texas Tech K Jonathan Garibay

Ole Miss WR Dontario Drummond

TCU S La’Kendrick Van Zandt

Texas A&M LB Aaron Hansford

BYU C James Empey

Indiana TE Peyton Hendershot

Kentucky DB Quandre Mosley

Florida A&M S Markquese Bell

UCF EDGE Big Kat Bryan

Reloading the OL was an obvious direction for the Cowboys this draft but taking OL Tyler Smith in the 1st round is still eye raising. Physically he's the Cowboy type but he's especially raw  and lacks discipline. and there's mixed opinion whether he's got the ability to play OT. I viewed him as an OG.


2nd Round Edge Williams flashes speed but is a one trick pass specialist. Skill guys WR Tolbert and TE Ferguson are rock solid mid rounders that should contribute early and often.

OT Waletzko I had ranked higher than Tyler Smith. He's an athletic OT that takes guys out the club efficiently. LB Clark on talent could've been a 2nd rounder but recent spinal fusion surgery wiped out his stock.

DT Ridgeway was a solid late round run plugger guy. Admittedly I'm not familiar with CB Bland or LB Harper to say they're anything more than special team/practice squad guys.

I like the UDFA group and it has a lot of guys that could earn a spot. Particularly, I'm a fan of TE Hendershot and OC Empey.

2022 Giants

1. (5) Kayvon Thibideaux, DE, Oregon

1. (7) Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

2. (43) Wan'Dale Robinson, WR, Kentucky

3. (67) Josh Ezeudu, OG, UNC

3. (81) Cordale Flott, CB, LSU

4. (112) Dan Bellinger, TE, San Diego St

4. (114) Dane Belton, S, Iowa

5. (146) Micah McFadden, LB, Indiana

5. (147) DJ Davidson, DT, Arizona St

5. (173) Marcus McKethan, OG, UNC

6. (182) Darrian Beavers, LB, Cincinnati


CB Darren Evans, LSU

TE/FB Jeremiah Hall, Oklahoma

DT Tyrone Truesdell, Florida

DL Christopher Hinton, Michigan

DL Jabari Ellis, South Carolina

TE Austin Allen, Nebraska

EDGE Tomon Fox, North Carolina

DB Yusuf Corker, Kentucky

OL Josh Rivas, Kansas State

RB Jashaun Corbin, Florida State

S Trenton Thompson, San Diego State

CB Zyon Gilbert, Florida Atlantic

DT Antonio Valentino, Florida

WR Daylen Baldwin, Michigan

WR Andre Miller, Maine


The greatest need for the Giants entering the draft was the OL. OT Neal is a plug and play OT or OG and should be a long term fixture although rumors about his long term health swirled just before the  draft. OG Ezeudu is a thumper that needs experience but tracks as an eventual starter. His UNC teammate OG McKethan is a similar run first guy and a good get as a mid rounder.

DE Thibideaux is a star in the making and should greatly contribute as a pass rusher and run defender regardless if he actually dominates in either area.

WR Robinson was an interesting pick. I'm a big fan of his game and compared him to a Wes Welker type but the Giants are stacked at WR. The pick makes more sense if the Giants envision Robinson as a weapon similar to Deebo and plan to give him carries as a change of pace behind Barkley.

DB Flott is a nickel prospect that needs added strength to realize his 3rd round status. TE Bellinger is a rock solid prospect who should be better than Evan engram from the jump; at the least more reliable.

DB Belton is an athlete that fills a hole and might need to play sooner than expected if Julian Love doesn't step up. DT Davidson is a solid late round run plugger. LB's McFadden and Beavers are solid late round pick ups and either could surprise and outplay their slotting.

UDFA RB is corbin is a talent and could easily earn a role. But DT Ellis is my defensive sleeper of this class. He's a talented 3 technique that will outplay his undrafted status.

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