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2022 Jets

1. (4) Ahmad Sauce Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

1. (10) Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

1. (26) Jermaine Johnson, DE, Florida St

2. (36) Breece Hall, RB, Iowa St

3. (101) Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio St

4. (111) Max Mitchell, OG, Louisiana

4. (117) Micheal Clemons, DE, Texas A&M


NC State RB Zonovan Knight

Penn State WR Irvin Charles

Vanderbilt S Allan George

Kansas CB Jeremy Webb

Florida A&M DL Savion Williams

Coastal Carolina DL C.J. Brewer

North Texas RB DeAndre Torrey

Middle Tennessee LB DQ Thomas

Oklahoma State RB LD Brown

Kent State WR Keshunn Abram

Illinois S Tony Adams

North Carolina A&T WR Ron Hunt

East Carolina S DJ Ford

Wisconsin FB John Chenal


GM Joe Douglas really leveraged his draft capital in this one and came away with a slew of consensus high ranking prospects. I'd argue that CB was already a fairly solid position going into the draft and so, making Gardner their first pick is a bit of a luxury. That said, it's hard to criticize bolstering that position given having to play the Bills twice a year. Sauce is a blue chip prospect but his tendency to grab will need coaching.

WR was absolutely a need and many had Wilson as the top guy...but not me. I think Wilson was overrated as a #1 type WR prospect, especially as a top ten pick. On the other hand, DE Johnson was a steal imo. The team traded back up to secure the 2nd best Edge in this class.

RB Hall is a talented prospect and could make Micheal Carter strictly a change of pace guy. That said, I think they needed a thumper and Hall isn't exactly that.

TE Rucker had his draft fans but 3rd round feels rich to me. But he's a well rounded guy that could see immediate snaps. OL Mitchell works best as an interior guy but is athletic enough to play OT. He's a developmental guy but could be a future starter. I like the value of Clemons in the 4th. He's a long, high motor guy that could force snaps.

Big fan of a couple of UDFA RB's the Jets signed. RS/RB Knight and RB Brown. Knight is a lights out returner that flashes good yac, while Brown is that thumper that the team lacked last season.

2022 Bills

1. (23) Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida

2. (63) James Cook, RB, Georgia

3. (89) Terrel Bernard, LB, Baylor

5. (148) Khalil Shakir, WR, Boise St

6. (180) Matt Araiza, P, Utah

6. (185) Christian Benford, CB, Villanova

6. (209) Luke Tenuta, OT, Virginia Tech

7. (231) Baylon Spector, LB, Clemson


Jackson State WR Keith Corbin III

Northwest Missouri State OL Tanner Owen
Texas OL Derek Kerstetter
BYU WR Neil Pau’u
Syracuse DL Kingsley Jonathan
App State WR Malik Williams
UCLA OL Alec Anderson
Penn DT Prince Emili
Virginia Tech RB Raheem Blackshear
Tulsa CB Travon Fuller
Texas A&M TE Jalen Wydermyer
CB Elam was an underrated 1st round talent that should give the Bills a 1a and 1b at the position assuming his health checks out. RB Cook indicates the team is really leaning into their play style and their reliance on QB Josh Allen.
It works in that Cook is a better receiving option out of the backfield than any back on the team last season and presents a homerun option on draws/screens, but he's far from the banger the team needs. Banking on Allen to throw it all around the yard and continue to get the tough yards when needed isn't sustainable for a long term career.
LB Bernard is a stat producer despite being undersized and a good pick in the 3rd. WR Shakir is a slot chain mover and could work well with the rocket armed Allen assuming his drop issues don't creep into his pro career.
Punter Arazia could be a weapon if he works out. CB Benford, OT Tenuta and LB Spector are camp and practice squad guys. UDFA TE Wydermyer fell off the map after a poor athletic showing but he's talented enough to make the roster.
2022 Patriots

1. (29) Cole Strange, OC, Chattanooga

2. (50) Tyquan Thornton, WR, Baylor

3. (85) Marcus Jones, CB, Houston

4. (121) Jack Jones, CB, Arizona St

4. (127) Pierre Strong, RB, South Dakota St

4. (137) Bailey Zappe, QB, Western Kentucky

6. (183) Kevin Harris, RB, South Carolina

6. (200) Sam Roberts, DT, NW Missouri St

6. (210) Chasen Hines, OC, LSU

7. (245) Andrew Stueber, OT, Michigan


S Brenden Schooler, Texas:

C Kody Russey, Houston:

DT LaBryan Ray, Alabama:

LB DaMarcus Mitchell, Purdue:

P Jake Julien, Eastern Michigan:

IOL Liam Shanahan, LSU:

CB Devin Hafford, Tarleton State

Belichick's draft was a bit of a punchline around the league and his draft record suggests people might be right to snicker. Nevertheless, I'm on board with the OL Strange pick. He's a guy I had as a 2nd rounder so I didn't read it as a great reach.

Same can be said of 2nd round pick WR Thornton. The Baylor WR is a wisp but he's legit fast with quick feet and good hands. He's another consensus reach that I had as a 2nd round prospect. As a situational deep threat and red zone weapon he could excel with Mac Jones.

Doubling up on the Jones' CB's is a solid if not spectacular move. Both are quick, small guys with ball skills. And Marcus brings competency as a returner. Belichick again doubled up on RB's with Strong and Harris. It's a lightning and thunder approach that makes a lot of sense given BB's style and Damien Harris' eroding trust.

QB Zappe was obviously a big favorite of someone on the coaching staff and he's a solid bet to have a long term role in the mold of Garrappolo. I like the value of late rounders OL Hines and Stueber. Both could be legit starters down the road. Admittedly not familiar with DT Roberts.

2022 Dolphins
Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 14-29-23 thumb_edited.jpg

3. (102) Channing Tindall, LB, Georgia

4. (125) Erik Ezukanma, WR, Texas Tech

7. (224) Cameron Goode, LB, California

7. (247) Skylar Thompson, QB, Kansas St


Blaise Andries, OL, Minnesota

Owen Carney, Edge, Illinois

Ty Clary, C, Arkansas

Tanner Conner, WR, Idaho State

Kellen Diesch, OL, Arizona State

Elijah Hamilton, CB, Louisiana Tech

Tommy Heatherly, P, FIU

DeAndre Johnson, DE, Miami

Kader Kohou, CB, Texas A&M

Braylon Sanders, WR, Mississippi

Ben Stille, DT, Nebraska

Zaquandre White, RB, South Carolina

Jordan Williams, DT, Virginia Tech

Dolphins draft is basically an afterthought after a firework offseason of splash moves. LB Tindall is an elite athlete that doesn't know how to play LB yet. He's a solid dvelopmental guy and potential ace special teamer.

WR Ezukanma is an underrated talent and playmaker. It's not exactly a position of need but another playmaker for McDaniel can't hurt.

LB Goode and QB Thompson are practice strictly squad guys. UDFA's RB White and OT Diesch are considered draftable and won't be surprised if either sticks.

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