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Buccaneers 2021

1. (32) Joe Tryon, ED, Washington

2. (64) Kyle Trask, QB, Florida

3. (95) Robert Hainsey, OG, Notre Dame

4. (129) Jaelon Darden, WR, North Texas

5. (176) KJ Britt, LB, Auburn

7. (251) Chris Wilcox, CB, BYU

7. (259) Grant Stuard, LB, Houston


West Virginia WR T.J. Simmons

FAMU OT Calvin Ashley

Navy, DB, Cameron Kinley

Miami, K, Jose Borregales

Iowa St, S, Lawrence White

FAU, ED, Leighton McCarthy

Cincinnati, DE, Elijah Ponder

OG, Sadarius Hutcherson

Stoney Brook, S, Augie Contressa

Washington's DE Tryon was no doubt a beneficiary of Ojulari's red flag situation and probably went a little higher then he should have. He has first round tools but hasn't done much at all in college and is a major project for his coaches.


Really dislike the 2nd round select of QB Trask. He's a weak fit in the scheme and a downgrade from practice squader Rosen. He'll need mechanical work to shorten his base to get as much zip on the ball he can muster because I think it's a major deficiency in his game.


In contrast, IOL Hainsey was one of my favorite prospects and I think he'll outperform his slot. The Bucs apparently see him as a swing tackle but I think his money is playing inside.


WR Darden's a quick, tiny guy that Brady has generally meshed with throughout his career. He could also make an impact as a returner. LB's Britt and Stuard are solid depth guys behind the standout starters and either should be ready to step in if/when an opening develops in the future. CB Wilcox is a camp body. Many had UDFA PK Borregales as the top rated kicker.

Falcons 2021

1. (4) Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

2. (40) Richie Grant, S, UCF

3. (68) Jalen Mayfield, OG, Michigan

4. (108) Darren Hall, CB, San Diego St

4. (114) Drew Dalman, OC, Stanford

5. (148) TaQuon Graham, DT, Texas

5. (182) Ade Ogundeji, DE, Notre Dame

5. (183) Avery Williams, CB, Boise St

6. (183) Frank Darby, WR, Arizona St


CB, JR Pace, Northwestern

RB, Javian Hawkins, Louisville

S, Marcus Murphy, Mississippi State

DE, Eli Howard, Texas Tech

DE, Alani Pututau, Adams State

WR Antonio Nunn, Buffalo

RB, Caleb Huntley, Ball State

OG, Ryan Neuzil, Appalachian State

LB, Erroll Thompson, Mississippi State

TE, John Raine, Northwestern

QB, Feleipe Franks, Arkansas

OT, Jack Batho IV, South Dakota School of Mines

WR, Austin Trammell, Rice

S, Dwayne Johnson, Jr., San Diego State

OL, Bryce Hargrove, Pittsburgh

OL, Joe Sculthorpe, NC State

OT, Kion Smith, Fayetteville State

DT, Zac Dawe, BYU

DE/LB, Kobe Jones, Mississippi State

Falcons opted out of any trade down and choose to upgrade their potentially declining skill talent with uber prospect Pitts. The Florida TE/WR is a phenomenal athlete with vice hands that puts in work with his blocking despite being undersized.


S Grant fills a massive hole and should step right in and play. He's a playmaker but has his share of false steps and misses. IOL Mayfield and Dalman are rock solid interior prospects that should work their way into starting at some point in their futures.


Late Round WR Darby is a sleeper that could be a find. He's quick and clutch with impressive size for his height. The reminder of the defensive selections are reaches, imo. CB Hall, DT, Graham, DE Ogundeji and DB Williams are practice squad types that might be forced into playing time, particularly in the secondary.

Panthers 2021

1. (8) Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina

2. (59) Terrace Marshall Jr, WR, LSU

3. (70) Brady Christensen, OT, BYU

3. (83) Tommy Tremble, TE, Notre Dame

4. (126) Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma St

5. (158) Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa

5. (166) Keith Taylor, CB, Washington

6. (193) Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama

6. (204) Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina

6. (222)  Thomas Fletcher, LS, Alabama

7. (232) Phil Hoskins, DT, Kentucky


David Moore, G, Grambling State
Oscar Draguicevich III, P, Washington State
Mason Stokke, FB, Wisconsin
Paddy Fisher, LB, Northwestern
Spencer Brown, RB, UAB

The Panthers headed off their need at LT in lieu of stacking their secondary with CB Horn in the 1st. I think it's questionable based on the hit rate of top tier OT's vs CBs. Horn is how you draw a press man guy up and has plenty of experience but might need to clean up some aspects of his game right quick if he's the opening day starter.


WR Marshall is a clutch red zone weapon the team felt it couldn't pass up despite key needs at S and OT. OT Christensen is a solid get in the 3rd but might not be ready to step in and help straight away. TE/FB Tremble is a devastating blocker with athleticism but his ball skills are a mess.


RB Hubbard shares a similar skill set with McCaffrey on a much less explosive level but could be a solid depth pick up. DT Nixon has first round tools but supposedly scared teams off with character concerns and free fell down the draft board. Completely hit or miss obviously on his projection but he's a big time talent if he applies himself.


CB Taylor will outplay his draft slot. The long CB has solid ability and awareness for the position and was a standout at senior week practices. OG Brown can compete straight away for a starting spot if he keeps his weight in check.


I'm a big fan of WR Shi Smith. He's deceptively quick and plays bigger than his size. His obstacle is consistency with his ball skills. Injury prone DT Hoskins is certainly worth a late look.

Saints 2021

1. (28) Payton Turner, DE, Houston

2. (60) Pete Werner, LB, Ohio State

3. (76) Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

4. (133) Ian Book, QB, Notre Dame

6. (206) Landon Young, OT, Kentucky

7. (255) Kawaan Baker, WR, South Carolina


Bryce Thompson – CB, Tennessee

Trill Williams – DB, Syracuse

Lawrence Woods – DB, Truman State

Eric Burrell – S, Wisconsin

Josiah Bronson – DT, Washington

Shaq Smith – LB, Maryland

Mike Brown – OL, West Virginia

Alex Hoffman – OL, Carroll (Mont.)

Nolan Cooney – P, Syracuse

Stevie Scott III – RB, Indiana

Dylan Soehner – TE, Iowa State

DE Turner was a late riser who had an impressive shortened 2020 season before an injury but still wasn't worthy of being taken this high imo. He's a big athletic guy that's rumored to be coachable but wasn't productive at Houston.


LB Werner is a rock solid off ball linebacker that does a bit of everything pretty well. Sheer size is his only drawback. CB Adebo is an ultra physical cover guy that has the ability to play safety if necessary.


QB Book might be a better pro than college player but I'm not buying in. He's athletic with a good arm but has major breakdowns of poise. OT Young is a solid late flier developmental guy.


And WR Baker is a blazer project. Saints signed a few UDFA's that I had rated higher, DB Williams, DT Bronson and RB Scott. I'd wager at least one sticking and playing better than expected.

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