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Colts 2021

1. (21) Kwity Paye, DE, Michigan

2. (54) Dayo Odeyingbo, DE, Michigan

4. (127) Kylen Granson, TE, Southern Methodist

5. (165) Shawn Davis, S, Florida

6. (218) Sam Ehlinger, QB, Texas

7. (229) Michael Strachan, WR, Charleston WV

7. (248) Will Fries, OG, Penn State


LB Anthony Butler, Liberty

LB Isaiah Kaufusi, BYU

RB Deon Jackson, Duke

WR Tarik Black, Texas

WR Tyler Vaughns, USC

I figured the Colts would try and line up talent around Wentz in an attempt to get as far away from the things that plagued his situation in Philly as possible. Nope. They instead reached for edge prospects in a weak class.


DE Paye really plays more like a 5 tech than an edge talent. The tools are there but not the finesse. DE Odeyingbo was also one of the most physically gifted guys in this class, but also essentially a 5 tech, and likely needs a red shirt after an Achilles tear preparing for senior week.


TE Granson adds some juice to a plodding TE group. DB Davis is another nickel guy in a crowded DB room. QB Ehlinger is like a much less sexy Jalen Hurts. WR Strachan has practice squad potential. OG Fries is a solid late round flier for depth. UDFA WR Vaughns is better than most think and is a good bet to stick.

Titans 2021

1. (22) Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

2. (53) Dillon Radnunz, OT, North Dakota St

3. (92) Monty Rice, LB, Georgia

3. (100) Elijah Molden, CB, Washington

4. (109) Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville

4. (135) Rashad Weaver, DE, Pitt

6. (205) Racey McMath, WR, LSU

6. (215) Brady Breeze, S, Oregon


Naquan Joness, DT, Michgan St

Chandon Herring, OL, BYU

Miller Forristall, TE, Alabama

Tory Carter, FB, LSU

Blake Haubeil, K, Ohio State

The Titans defense was an embarrassment last season and effort's been put in try and remedy that side of the ball this off season. They came out of this draft with arguably the best outside CB, best nickel CB and a rock solid 5 tech prospect in DE Weaver.


CB Farley was red flagged and carries substantial risk after recurring back issues but his talent is plain. LB Rice is a solid talent who's stock was hit because of his below par size/speed.

OT Radnunz is a rock solid tackle prospect that fits into the offensive identity to a T.


DB Molden is a similar talent that didn't go as high as he should have because of size/speed concerns but dominates on film. WR Fitzpatrick was a solid mid rounder that really showed out at senior week practices. WR McMath is a workout warrior that could find a niche if he takes to pro coaching.

Jaguars 2021

1. (1) Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

1 (25) Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

2. (33) Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia

2. (45) Walker Little, OT, Stanford

3. (65) Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse

4. (106) Jay Tufele, DT, USC

4. (121) Jordan Smith, ED, UAB

5. (145) Luke Farrell, TE, Ohio State

6. (209) Jalen Camp, WR, Georgia Tech


Josh Imatorbhebhe, WR, Illinois

DJ Daniel, CB, Georgia

Tim Jones, WR, Southern Mississippi

Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama

Kenny Randall, DT, Charleston

Corey Straughter, CB, Louisiana Monroe

Lawrence gets to prove that generational talent label in Jacksonville but he'll have to do it with a rookie HC. RB Etienne was the shocker. I think it indicates Meyer and the staff's desire to run the fuck out of the ball this season.


CB Campbell is a scrapper on the outside but does give up plays. OT Little is a solid talent that might be the LT next season. S Cisco fills an enormous hole and could be a steal. DT Tufele is all heart and hustle but will always be punching up.


DE Smith is a solid fit for the new defensive scheme and could push Chaisson. TE Farrell and WR Camp are camp bodies. UDFA Imatorbhebhe is a coach's dream project that'll be interesting to follow.

Texans 2021

3. (67) Davis Mills, QB, Stanford

3. (89) Nico Collins, WR, Michigan

5. (147) Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami

5. (170) Grant Wallow, LB, TCU

6. (195) Roy Lopez, DT, Arizona


Texas A&M C Ryan McCollum

Texas A&M OT Carson Green

UCF WR Marlon Williams

Missouri, WR Damon Hazelton

For a team with limited selections and operating amid a shit ton of turmoil, new Texans GM Caserio hit the ball cleanly in his first draft.


QB Mills was actually getting some first round talk just before the draft. Mills will almost certainly see the field as a rookie if Watson doesn't return as Taylor is a fairly overrated bridge guy. Mills has upside but has especially limited physical tools.


WR Collins will get a shot at WR #1 and might just be up for it. He's not explosive but uses his size and ball skills to be productive. TE Jordan is another guy that should see significant snaps right away. He's a hard nosed receiving TE with very limited athletic tools.


TE Wallow is a special teams demon that could work his way into meaningful snaps eventually. DT Lopez is a practice squad guy with a forever motor. Pretty big fan of UDFA OT Green and think he should earn a spot. WR Hazelton looked like a player back at VTech and could make it.

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