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Ravens 2021

1. (27) Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota

1. (31) Odafe Oweh, ED, Penn State

3. (94) Ben Cleveland, OG, Georgia

3. (104) Brandon Stephons, CB, Southern Methodist

4. (131) Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma St

5. (160) Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State

5. (171) Daelin Hayes, ED, Notre Dame

5. (184) Ben Mason, FB, Michigan


RB Nate McCrary, Saginaw State

WR Donte Sylencieux, Graceland

OG Sam Cooper, Merrimack

OT Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma

OT Foster Sarell, Stanford

TE Tony Poljan, Virginia

DT Xavier Kelly, Arkansas

LB Blake Gallagher, Northwestern

S Ar’Darius Washington, TCU

The Ravens are clearly convinced Bateman is an NFL #1 WR to make him their first pick...I'm not. He's got ordinary traits and played in a stat inflating college offense. After trading their talented OT Brown most figured they'd reload with a similarly talented OL with their 2nd 1st rounder. Instead they swung for Penn State workout wonder Edge Oweh. Oweh has the motor and athletic skill set to become a lot more than he was at PSU but he's still a massive gamble..especially considering the high floor OL talents that still littered the board..


OG Cleveland was nabbed in the 3rd and will be an interior starter at some point. He's athletic, physical, a technician and looks like he came straight out of GOT. SMU's Stephons and OSU's Wade are both candidates to play safety at some point in their futures. Both are athletic good sized corners with holes in their games that could be coached up to play either position.

WR Wallace is a bit like a smaller Bateman. He's thrived on getting separation vs college corners in a spread scheme but has struggled some vs better, more physical defenders. Translating similar production is a question mark but he's shown the ability to make clutch catches and should make a strong run for snaps out of the slot.


ED Hayes is what's becoming a typical ND edge player, athletically gifted but not an impactful player. That said, he's got the first step and size to improve and is a solid later round flier. FB Mason's a masher and fits right in. UDFA DB Washington has the playmaking and the heart but fell out of the draft because of his sub par physical traits. TE Poljon was a guy I thought for sure would be drafted and could stick, even inside a crowded room.

Browns 2021

1. (26) Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern

2. (52) Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, Notre Dame

3. (91) Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn

4. (110) James Hudson, OT, Cincinnati

4. (132) Tommy Togiai, DT, Ohio State

5. (153) Tony Fields, LB, West Virginia

5. (169) Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia

6. (211) Demetric Felton, RB, UCLA


RB Tre Harbison - Charlotte

DT Marvin Wilson - Florida State

DE Romeo McKnight - Illinois State

DB Manny Rugamba - Miami OH

CB Newsome got a lot of 1st round love late in the process but I didn't see it. The junior made it through just 3 games in 2020 before getting hurt for the 3rd consecutive year, then opted out. He wasn't special in 2018 and doesn't play as explosively as he tested pre draft.


In the 2nd the Browns traded up for 1st round caliber rover  Koramoah. Medical red flags popped up concerning a heart issue and some teams dropped him down their board. He's a speed racer that tries to blow things up but needs development with his anticipation.


WR Schwartz adds a needed field stretcher to the offense and his speed should be a welcome dynamic even if he doesn't markedly progress as a receiver. OT Hudson's a project with starter traits that could fill the key swing tackle role if he's up to it. While OT was somewhat of a need, the team passed on some mid round edge talents that might have filled a critical need. Bypassing the position all together wasn't ideal and will haunt them if Clowney sees the training room frequently and/or no one else is signed.


DT Togiai is a 5 technique type with starter ability that should impact both the run and pass game early on. LB Fields was one of "my guys" and no one ought to be surprised if he out plays his draft slot. He's a quick anticipator and big time tackler that plays bigger than he's listed.


S LeCounte's draft stock took a hit after a 2020 motorcycle accident. Prior he was a solid all around DB prospect and consistent playmaker for UGA. Late round flier WR/RB Felton tested miserably pre draft but was a pound for pound versatile workhorse for UCLA last season. He ought to stick as a all around weapon.

Steelers 2021

1. (24) Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

2. (55) Pat Friermuth, TE, Penn State

3. (87) Kendrick Green, OG, Illinois

4. (128) Dan Moore Jr, OT, Texas A&M

4. (140) Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M

5. (156) Isaiah Loudermilk, DE, Wisconsin

6. (216) Quincy Roche, ED, Miami

7. (245) Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma

7. (254) Pressley Harvin, P, Georgia Tech


Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State
Calvin Bundage, LB, Oklahoma State
Rico Bussey, WR, Hawaii
Mark Gilbert, CB, Duke
Isaiah McKoy, WR, Kent State
Donovan Stiner, S, Florida
Lamont Wade, S, Penn State
Jamar Watson, LB, Kentucky

Najee Harris is no doubt going to be a perennial man of the year candidate, and he shines as a receiving RB, but between the tackles, he's an ordinary runner and not that much different than James Conner.


Faced with the significant decline of their OL, the team took skill players with their first two picks. Friermuth is a solid TE prospect and likely a more reliable target than Ebron, but he's not a special athlete.


IOL Green might be the future OC. He fires out in space with pop but is a bit undersized. Moore Jr was a solid mid rounder that could work his way into a starter down the road. He steadily improved at College Station. Teammate LB Johnson is a steady if not spectacular guy but likely to get buried in the depth chart.


DE Loudermilk is another solid mid rounder that should eventually work his way into a starter. ED Roche shows flashes but he's underpowered and gets abused vs the run. Norwood has the athleticism to stick. Harvin is one of the thickest punters you'll see and should stick. I was a fan of UDFA CB Brown and thought he'd be drafted. He's a dangerous zone corner and solid tackler.

Bengals 2021

1. (5) Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU

2. (46) Jackson Carman, OG, Clemson

3. (69) Joseph Ossai, ED, Texas

4. (111) Cam Sample, DT, Tulane

4. (122) Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

4. (139) D'Ante Smith, OT, East Carolina

5. (149) Evan McPherson, K, Florida

6. (190) Trey Hill, OC, Georgia

6. (202) Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

7. (235) Wyatt Hubert, DE, Kansas St


Ball State, CB, Antonio Phillips

Kansas, RB, Pooka Williams Jr.

Ohio State, P, Drue Chrisman

Marshall, DE, Darius Hodge

TCU, TE, Pro Wells

South Carolina, QB, Collin Hill

Northwestern, WR, Riley Lees

The Bengals opted for the elite skill player carrying chemistry with the QB over the elite OL in the 1st round. Given the depth at OL in this class, it was a solid move. Chase is a strong WR with some juice that muscles into routes and snatches the ball. Carman is a solid OT prospect that's heavy handed and brute enough to play inside effectively if needed.


Tired of having their ass handed to them upfront, the Bengals went heavy into their front 7 and came away with superior athletes with solid motors that could develop into fixtures. ED Ossai is more workout warrior than edge but his upside is large. DE Sample is quick when shifted inside. DT Shelvin is formidable at the 0 when healthy and gives them a necessary rotation of poa guys inside.


OL Smith and Hill are rock solid prospects for the outside and inside of the offensive line respectively. Late round RB Evans has starter talent but needs to commit and buy in. DE Hubert is a uber physical try hard guy that fits nicely inside the rotation. McPherson's the new K. UDFA Williams is probably already better than Trayveon Williams.

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