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Arizona Cardinals


(1) Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

(33) Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

(62) Andy Isabella, WR, UMass

(65) Zach Allen, DE, Boston College

(103) Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa St

(139) Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama

(174) Keesean Johnson, WR, Fresno St

(179) Lamont Gaillard, OC, Georgia

(248) Josh Miles, OT, Morgan St

(249)Michael Dogbe, DE, Temple

(254) Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA



Xavier Turner, RB, Tarleton Texans.

Drew Belcher TE, Maine.

Ryan Pulley CB, Arkansas.

Aaron Williams DB, Nebraska.

Tariq Cole OL, Rutgers.

Dante Booker Jr. LB, Ohio State.

Dontae Strickland RB, Syracuse.

Brian Peavy CB, Iowa State.




It's all in now for the Cardinals. Kingsbury's scheme with Murray at the helm will either transform the league or crash and burn. Murray's a great talent with arm talent and mobility but I think he's a little reckless with the ball and will commit his fair share of turnovers. I had Murphy as the top CB in the draft so I think that's outstanding value at the top of the 2nd. Ball skills, toughness and anticipation quickness make up for his just adequate size and speed.


WRs Isabella, Butler and Johnson are all dangerous guys after the catch, which the air raid relies on. I thought interior OL Gaillard could've gone much higher. S Thompson is a prototype high upside developmental safety. OT depth was a need and it's a little late with Miles out of Morgan St, but it's better than never. This draft obviously hangs on Murray panning out but I thought Keim filled needs with really good value throughout.



Arizona Cardinals 2019
Seattle Sehawks 2019

Seattle Seahawks


(29) L.J. Collier, DE, TCU

(47) Marquise Blair, S, Utah

(64) D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

(88) Cody Barton, LB, Utah

(120) Gary Jennings, WR, West Virginia  

(124) Phil Haynes, OG, Wake Forest

(132) Ugo Amadi, CB Oregon

(142) Ben Burr-Kirven, LB, Washington

(204) Travis Homer, RB, Miami

(209) Demarcus Christmas, DT, FSU

(236) John Ursa, WR, Hawaii



Texas CB Davante Davis
Northwestern State WR Jazz Ferguson
Arizona State S Jalen Harvey
Ohio State OL Demetrius Knox
Citadel LB Noah Dawkins
Baylor CB Derrek Thomas
South Dakota State QB Taryn Christion
Eastern Washington DT Jay-Tee Tiuli




Seahawks traded back multiple times and stockpiled mid round picks but... as the saying goes, quantity doesn't equal quality. !st rounder Collier was an ideal scheme fit. A reach imo, but he's a disruptive 5 or 3 technique for their scheme and should be productive guy in at least a Robert Ayers kind of way. 2nd round S Blair plays at a 100 and has ideal toughness but is undersized and not the most reliable tackler.


Metcalf became a draft slider as teams' didn't trust his ability to separate and likely considered him more of a workout warrior. His length, ball skills and speed should make him at least a better producer in this offense than Jermaine Kearse. WR Greg Jennings is another big time tester that didn't always show it on the field but the upside is clear.


OG Phil Haynes was one of the most underrated guys in this entire class, imo. He's a rock solid OG prospect and should become a long term starter. LB Barton was a functional ILB for Utah that did a little bit of everything and tested well pre draft. He projects as a decent starter or good depth guy inside. Bur-Kirven was the better college player but his measurables didn't add up. He's a LB/S that finds the ball and sacrifices his body to make big time collisions.


RB Homer has the athletic profile to be a steal but he puts the ball on the ground too much. Amadi doesn't quite fit the physical make up of Seattle corners but he could be a fit at safety. He's a solid tackler and makes plays on the ball. UDFA Davis is more the prototype. He's long and athletic but wasn't a standout CB at Texas. I was a fan of UDFA Tiuli and think he should've been drafted.



San Francisco 49ers 2019

San Francisco 49ers


(2) Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio St

(36) Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

(67) Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor

(110) Mitch Wishnowsky, P, Utah

(148) Dre Greenlaw, LB, Arkansas

(176) Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford

(183) Justin Skule, OT, Vanderbilt

(198) Tim Harris, CB, Virginia 



TE Tyree Mayfield from Wyoming

WR Malik Henry, West Georgia

QB Wilton Speight, UCLA

OL Ryan Bates, Penn St

DT Kevin Givens of Altoona

OG Ross Reynolds, Iowa

WR Shawn Poindexter, Arizona

CB Cam Glenn, Wake Forest

LB Deonte Roberts, Rutgers



It was either Bosa or Quinnen Williams and Lynch opted for the edge defender. Bosa's a good fit at the 5 in their scheme despite being a bit undersized. He's strong at the point with his hands and sheds quickly.


Samuel's the #1 WR in this offense now. His only weakness was essentially size. He's an explosive guy with good hands who ought to be something like a faster Golden Tate. WR Hurd was a guy that I figured would be lucky to be drafted. His physical skill set is impressive but his hands aren't. I think he still looks like a RB playing out of position. Reportedly, the coaches are intrigued about his dual threat capability and plan to line him up everywhere. Good luck.


LB Greenlaw and TE Smith are good value picks that have the talent to stick. OT Skule and CB Harris are fliers that could find a spot at the back of the roster. P Wishnowsky should be a long term stater. Niners draft is top heavy with Bosa and Samuel as blue chips but that's enough to pull a strong grade.


Los Angeles Rams


(61) Taylor Rapp, S, Washington 

(70) Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis

(79) David Long, CB, Michigan

(97) Bobby Evans, OT, Oklahoma

(134) Greg Gaines, DT, Washington 

(169) David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin

(243) Nick Scott, S, Penn St

(251) Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech





WR Alex Bachman, Wake Forest

TE Keenen Brown, Texas State

WR Nsimba Webster, Eastern Washington

OLB Landis Durham, Texas A&M

OL Brandon Hitner, Villanova

WR Johnathan Lloyd, Duke

OT Matt Kaskey, Dartmouth
OL Justice Powers, UAB
DT Owen Roberts, San Jose State
WR Justin Sumpter, Kennesaw State

RB Matt Colburn, Wake Forest

OL Chandler Brewer, Middle Tennessee State

C Vitas Hrynkiewicz, Youngstown State

DL Tyrell Thompson, Tarleton State

ILB Troy Reeder, Delaware

TE Kendall Blanton, Missouri

LB Natrez Patrick, Georgia

DT Marquise Copeland, Cincinnati



Rapp was an interesting first selection. The team acquired old vet Weddle in the off season and have a budding star in John Johnson. I think Rapp is nearly identical to those two and better suited in the box than single high or in the back end. He's a great last line defender but his mobility is based on anticipating not actual speed.


RB Henderson was a solid get in the 3rd as a change of pace back that could play a bigger role if necessary. I felt CB Long tested better than he played but the upside is obvious. OL Evans and Edwards should be adequate run blockers but neither are stalwarts in protection. Gaines was a solid mid rounder that plays with a big motor and decent leverage. But the lack of attention to the DL, especially on the edge, besides this pick is concerning.


Scott is a special teams guy and I like the upside of LB Allen. If he overcomes the injury bug he has the skillset to be a good contributor on the team. I was a big fan of Wake Forest WR Bachman. He's got clutch hands, return ability and absolutely crushed his pro day.



Los Angeles Rams 2019
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