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Kenny Pickett Scouting Report

"Game manager with adept pocket mobility that often plays to tough for his own good. The hobbit hands are the story but it's his tendency to overextend himself that isn't sustainable."



Experienced, progression reader with adept pocket mobility. Generally accurate with solid mechanics and footwork. Good decision maker, sells fakes well, and is adept at play action.

Hangs in vs the blitz and can throw strikes under fire. Easy mover and comfortable throwing on the run. Manipulates the pocket with ease and creates space to throw. A threat as a runner with some elusiveness and toughness. Clutch and prepares like a leader.

Pickett vs Penn St from 2019 in the rain demonstrates his ability to manage a game and manipulate the pocket with mobility and patience.

This game refutes some of the criticism regarding his hand size in poor weather and reluctance to hang in clean pockets.



Hobbit hands. Durability is an issue given his play style and he's routinely dealing with nagging injuries. Tends to compound mistakes when things go bad, which directly relates to his fumble rate. Quick to wander in the pocket.



Before his final year at Pitt Pickett always showed stretches of high level play but would effectively hit a wall and put up a dreadful game here and there where he barely looked draftable. As a senior he consistently showed the ability to manage the game well, capitalize on opportunities and avoid the big lull that characterized his game play.

His back scratchers are a big data point but the truth is that it really hasn't greatly affected his play at Pitt. He's a mobile game manager with grit and anticipation. Where he gets into trouble is when he overextends his playmaking, arm talent and subsequently gets wrecked physically or forces game changing mistakes.

He tends to sacrifice his body in a leave it all on the field play style that's not sustainable. A coach that can get him to play with better composure and recognize that every game is not his last, could find a solid starting QB.

NFL Comp. Jake Delhomme



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