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Xavier Hutchinson Scouting Report

"Big game possession receiver with size and impressive cod. If he can take of the governor as a pro he'll be draft steal"



Good sized receiver with solid initial burst and notable change of direction ability. Quick off the line and shifty on his breaks.

Flashes physicality and can leverage defenders and catch through contact. Acrobat and makes difficult grabs. Generally strong hands. Competes hard as a blocker. Carries a clutch gene.

Hutchinson has ball skills and impressive cod on a good sized frame. If he can consistently threaten corners off the line he's going to be a problem. He's a strong candidate to outplay his draft slot.



Not a blazer and lacks a 2nd gear. Struggles to separate at the top of routes without getting tactile and doesn't open up on deeper routes. Despite cod not a special yac guy. Suffers concentration drops.



Hutchinson's a big game possession receiver with impressive cod for his size. He's quick into his route and can snap it off cleanly. He's acrobat with good ball skills and reliable in the clutch.

The knock is that he runs like he's got a built in governor. After his initial burst he doesn't generally sustain or have a second gear on longer routes.

NFL Comp: Chris Conley



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