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Trevor Lawrence Scouting Report

"Quick release, rocket armed 6'6 passer with dependable accuracy and linear running ability but his poise on the field doesn't always match up to his poise off the field"



Quick release, rocket armed 6'6 passer with dependable accuracy and ball placement. Good footwork with a quick drop. Solid mechanics and can alter his throwing angles effectively.

Adept thrower on the run from either side. Flashes ability to quickly progression read. Flashes good anticipation at times. Steps up in the pocket and can throw strikes in a crowd. Has some improvisation and scrambles with his eyes down the field.

Threatening north/south runner out of the pocket with cut back ability and pace. Sturdier than he looks and often tough to bring down 1 on 1. Consummate leader and professional on and off the field.

Lawrence consistently throws across his body on the run with ridiculous accuracy.


While not a great example of pocket presence imo, this clips shows Lawrence's ability to improvise.



Poise can waver and he can appear rattled when the pass pressure gets home. Veers into hero ball under heavy pressure.

A great big target as a runner, routinely lowers the shoulder, and doesn't protect his long frame, absorbing punishing collisions. Ball security and decision making under pressure can be suspect.

Lawrence regularly can hold the ball too long into a disaster, whether seeking a play, slow reads, or not feeling his surrounding properly.



Lawrence's arm talent, linear running ability and high production every year of his career are the strongest aspects to his game and make him a generational prospect to many. He's shown incredible composure after being crowned the guy since back in high school, meeting expectations but still remaining humble and mature.

He's an accurate passer showing both velocity and touch when needed. He's tough in and out of the pocket and looks to his reads until the last moment. As a runner he's got a burst upfield with good instincts to find open space.. But that running ability doesn't necessarily translate to good scrambling ability.

Lawrence tends to rush everything when throwing under pressure and isn't as adept escaping laterally as attacking straight downhill. His pocket presence can be inconsistent and he'll often take sacks holding the ball trying to make a play.

I think his skill set and play style are reminiscent of a more precise Colin Kaepernick but his ball security and tendency to take punishment vs pressure reminds me a good bit of Carson Wentz.

NFL Comp. big school Colin Kaepernick



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