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Trenton Simpson Scouting Report

"Bluster for days safety with LB size that's comfortable as a DB but can also linger at the poa. The catch is that his instincts and anticipation are suspect and he writes checks he can't cash physically."



Bluster for days safety that's big enough to play OLB. Lively in the box and works to stay free with active hands. Experienced slot defender and capable in both man and zone. Mobile and can chase to the sidelines. Tested like an elite athlete. Forever motor.



Writes checks he can't cash. Active in the box with hands but typically overpowered or run through. Overruns in the open field. Lacks ideal instincts. Not reliable or clutch in coverage.



Simpson's a versatile defender that's comfortable as a DB but can also linger at the poa. He's got solid mobility and outstanding straight line speed. He's active with his hands and looks to take on blocks and stay free to flow to the ball.

The catch is that he's generally biting off more than he can chew and really just feigning POA power. He loses confrontations and collisions despite seeking them out. Possesses the size and versatility to be a standout off ball linebacker but his instincts and overall strength must improve.

NFL Comp: heavy Keanu Neal



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