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Terrace Marshall Jr Scouting Profile

"He's got an impressive catch radius with good hands and speed. The drawback is that he's finesse and can get canceled by physicality."



Long, fast target with good hands. Impressive catch radius and can make spectacular grabs. Fluid mover despite a long frame and can change direction well.

Makes defenders respect his speed and can get over the top and outrun in the open field. Clutch, consistent producer with 23 TD's over less than two seasons.



All finesse and gets canceled by physicality. Business decision guy over the middle. Not explosive off the line. Liability as a blocker.



Marshall's a great hands catcher with a good, long frame. He's fast enough to be respected and can reel off chunk plays. The drawbacks are that he's not especially explosive and isn't near as physical as your typical LSU receiver.

He lacks a good quick twitch in and out of his routes and doesn't want any smoke along the way. He's dangerous given space, however, and has proven to be a reliable big play maker.

NFL Comp. slower D.J. Chark



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